why cannabis companies are prioritizing email marketing over social media

Why Cannabis Companies are Prioritizing Email Marketing over Social Media

In the world of digital marketing, social media is king. It’s difficult to even think about starting a business without first creating a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account. But as cannabis companies continue to grow, they are quickly realizing that there are other platforms that can be more effective in reaching their target audience. One such platform is email marketing.

Downsides of Social Media Marketing for Cannabis Companies

While you may feel that social media is an easy way to gain attention for your work, there are drawbacks. For instance, you don’t own the platform: at any time it can disappear or your account might get flagged. This has happened with many Instagram accounts and Facebook pages in the past few years as both platforms have cracked down on cannabis-related content.

Many social media sites have strict policies against promoting cannabis products or even sharing information about them at all–and these policies aren’t always clear or consistent across platforms (which makes maintaining an active presence difficult). Even hemp-derived CBD brands face scrutiny at this level. 

If you want to engage with people on these platforms in meaningful ways (like by asking them questions) then there are limited options available for creative expression and engagement with users compared to email marketing campaigns where there’s no limit whatsoever!

Advantages of Email Marketing for Cannabis Companies

Build that email list, folks! Email marketing offers several advantages over social media for cannabis companies. 

Targeted Audience

The ability to target specific audiences with customized messaging is one of the main advantages of email marketing. This is crucial for the cannabis market in particular because different products may appeal to certain demographics. Businesses may make sure their messaging reaches the correct individuals by gathering email addresses and using them to send tailored communications.

Increased Engagement

Additionally, email marketing typically generates higher engagement rates than social media. This is because emails that are pertinent to a person are more likely to be opened and read than social media posts, which frequently get lost in the cacophony. Additionally, email marketing allows companies to send more detailed and personalized messages than is possible on social media platforms.

Higher Conversion Rates

Email marketing can result in improved conversion rates since it enables tailored messages and greater engagement. In other words, consumers are more likely to act after receiving an email than after viewing a social media post, such as making a purchase.

Cost Effectiveness

Last but not least, email marketing is frequently a more economical choice than social media marketing. This is due to the fact that email marketing may be carried out internally and doesn’t require as many resources as influencers, commercials, or social media efforts.

How Cannabis Companies are Using Email Marketing

There are a variety of ways that cannabis companies are using email marketing to reach their customers, including:


Newsletters are among the most popular methods that cannabis businesses employ email marketing. Updates on new products, promotions, and other business-related news can be provided through these newsletters.

Promotional Emails

Additionally, cannabis businesses use marketing emails to provide clients with discounts and exclusive offers. These emails can be used to increase sales and motivate customers to buy things.

Transactional Emails

Cannabis businesses use transactional emails, in addition to advertising and newsletter emails, to tell customers about their orders. This includes emails with confirmations, shipment updates, and promotions for new products. This is a crucial tool for businesses that offer direct-to-consumer sales.

Final Thoughts

Companies are seeking efficient ways to reach their customers and increase sales as the cannabis business expands. Cannabis businesses are finding email marketing to be a useful tool that offers a variety of advantages, such as focused messaging, improved personalization, and a direct line to your brand advocates.

Although social media has its uses, relying only on it to reach your target audience is a hazardous strategy. The moment is now if you haven’t started building your email list.

Frequently Asked Questions About Email Marketing for Cannabis Companies

Does email marketing work well to reach consumers in the cannabis sector?

Yes, cannabis businesses are finding that email marketing works well for reaching their customers. By enabling personalized content and greater engagement, email marketing increases conversion rates and is a more affordable alternative to social media marketing.

What are a few of the most important advantages of email marketing for cannabis businesses?

For cannabis businesses, the flexibility to target particular audiences, more engagement, higher conversion rates, and cost-effectiveness are the main advantages of email marketing.

Can cannabis businesses handle their own email marketing?

Yes, cannabis businesses may perform email marketing in-house, making it an affordable choice for contacting customers.

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