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What is the Best Carrier Oil for CBD and Why

Do you know why carrier oil in CBD matters and what the best carrier oil for CBD is? Read now to learn about the different carrier oils.

From flower and vapes to edibles and tinctures, it may seem as though there are endless ways to consume CBD, which, in some ways, is true. That said, CBD oil is becoming a hot go-to method for quick and effective therapeutic results. CBD oil only contains CBD as an ingredient leaving out the psychoactive characteristercs of weed.

Yet, that is not the case. All CBD oil products include a carrier oil within its composition, which is an essential ingredient. Without carrier oil, the function of CBD molecules on the body will not be nearly as productive. Continue reading to find out what the best carrier oil for CBD is, and which one is best for your needs. Carrier oils for CBD vs. THC are the same.

What is a Carrier Oil for CBD?

Essentially, carrier oils help deliver (or “carry”) the active component to the body. Some may find it easier to think of carrier oil as a base oil. Nevertheless, carrier oil for CBD is an oil that helps disperse the CBD molecules to our body’s CBD receptor cells. Sublingual CBD products work as effectively and efficiently as they do due to their primary component: carrier oil. Furthermore, carrier oils help by dissolving CBD into smaller particles so our bodies can absorb higher levels of the plant’s compound.

Why is the Carrier Oil for CBD Important?

Not only is the carrier oil for CBD important, but it is pretty much essential. One of the most critical characteristics of CBD is the fact that it is a fat-soluble compound. Fat-soluble means the ability to dissolve in fat. Hence, carrier oils (or fat) significantly enhance CBD absorption. CBD carrier oil TRIPLES the amount of CBD our bodies can digest. On top of that, the carrier oil for CBD makes measuring doses easier, and more precise, for the producers of the product.

Accurately measuring the dosage of CBD is imperative. Yet, the difference in size between CBD crystals (i.e., 5mg and 50mg) is microscopic. So, it’s virtually impossible to calculate doses of CBD with the naked eye successfully. Diluting CBD crystals with large volumes of oil makes the substance easier to measure into exact dosage levels.

Common Carrier Oils for CBD

Interestingly enough, there is more than one carrier oil for CBD. From brand to brand, you will notice each may use a different carrier oil or base. Sometimes, even mixing two carrier oils to curate a unique combination for their consumer. Some of the most traditional carrier oils include coconut oil, MCT oil, hemp seed oil, and fish oil.

Bioavailability is one of the most significant determinants to consider when choosing the best carrier oil. In short, bioavailability refers to how much, and at what rate, your body absorbs CBD molecules. Furthermore, it is beneficial to understand the bioavailability of carrier oil because it will help you determine the best carrier oil and how much to take.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a popular carrier oil for a variety of different products, from skincare and tinctures to food and beverages. Because it has little to no flavor, coconut oil serves as an excellent carrier oil. Additionally, reports indicate coconut oil is about 90% saturated fat, which is even a higher percentage than butter. Coconut oil is naturally high in triglycerides made of medium-chain fatty acid – the higher the saturated fat, the stronger the bioavailability!


Medium-chain triglyceride oil, otherwise known as MCT oil, contains medium-length chains of fats called triglycerides. Actually, MCT oil derives from coconut oil, which is inherently rich in medium-chain triglycerides. Aside from being abundant in saturated fats, MCT oil is also easier to digest than long-chain triglycerides or LCT. Many of the daily foods we eat contain LCT. Moreover, MCT oil can quickly and effectively transfer CBD molecules into our bloodstream.

Hemp Seed Oil

As the name implies, hemp seed oil originates from the seeds of the hemp plant. Be careful not to confuse hemp seed oil with hemp oil! They are quite different. Hemp oil derives from hemp flowers and serves to curate full-spectrum hemp extract and CBD Isolate. On the other hand, hemp seed oil derives from the hemp plants’ seeds and is a carrier oil that contains little to no cannabinoids or terpenes. Although hemp seed oil does not contain cannabinoids nor terpenes, there is a presence of other active plant ingredients, in which are thought to be synergistic with CBD – otherwise known as the entourage effect.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is another standard carrier oil for CBD. Similarly to hemp seed oil, fish oil has ample amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 is necessary for maintaining appropriate functions of the Endocannabinoid System, so carrier oils with high levels of omega-3 are ideal.

What’s the Best Carrier Oil for CBD

Now, you may be wondering what the best carrier for CBD is. While there are a handful of different carrier oils, you may find one more fitting to your personal preference. In essence, there is not necessarily a “good” or “bad” carrier oil for CBD. However, some may be more favorable when considering their flavor and bioavailability, of course.

The unique composition of hemp seed oil creates the entourage effect, which, in turn, helps maximize the therapeutic effects of CBD. Sometimes, you may find cannabis brands mixing hemp seed oil with MCT oil, curating it specifically for ultra-high potency CBD oils. Individuals seeking to treat specific health ailments – like seizures or cancer treatment – should look for CBD oils with a carrier oil of either hemp seed oil or MCT oil.

You can also help your furry friend maintain a natural and healthy lifestyle by adding some CBD for dogs into his or her daily routine. So, fish carrier oil is a fantastic option. It may seem a bit excessive to introduce your pet to the cannabis industry. There are, however, many health benefits by doing so. Not only is CBD safe for all dogs, but it is also highly effective by helping support pain, anxiety, inflammation, and heart health. Plus, dogs will love the natural flavor of fish oil!

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