funny drug test memes

40 Best Drug Test Memes

When you love getting high, there is nothing worse than facing a drug test. So, you might as well have a laugh about it with some funny drug test memes!

You’ve landed your dream job. It’s literally perfect. One of those “I can’t believe they picked me” moments is happening, and then you hear those dirty words come out of the hiring manager’s mouth, “We just need you to take a drug test before you start.” A what now? Seriously?! In 2022? Uh huh, panic sets in and you head home to start researching how to pass a drug test. Which, fortunately, is pretty easy with the right detox kits and drinks. So, kick back and wait for your supplies to arrive, and while you’re at it, have a laugh at a few of our favorite funny drug test memes. 

Best Drug Test Memes

1. We would have some questions too!

2. If you ain’t testin, you ain’t failin’.

3. Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to.

4. Cheaters!

5. Welp, it’s been fun.

6. Not sure that’s how it works.

7. Not sure we are talking about the same testing?

8. What in the world?!

9. So that means we all passed!

10. Someone has the blues, but not on varsity anymore – pun intended.

11. We don’t get everything we want!

12. Oh, well…the thing is….

13. I’m not weird, I just have a colorful personality.

14. That’s gonna be a no from me.

15. Some people just don’t understand.

16. See ya!


18. I’m a team player!

19. Sh*t, I smoked to prepare for this interview.

20. Welp, notes for next time!

21. I’m so glad to see you man.

22. OOO Boys, are you busy now?

23. We all have our limits.

24. I don’t have those kinds of qualifications.

25. Queue all the commercial jingles.

26. We’re a team!

27. But, how?

28. I’m suddenly not feeling well.

29. I’m gonna ace this one!

30. Hehehe…

31. Boooom!

32. What can I say, It comes natural.

33. When you know you got it in the bag…pun intended.

34. Dedication is key.

35. It’s ok, I’ll just drink a lot of water.

36. I like to put in every effort.

37. Act Natural!

38. It’s because of my bagel.

39. Can’t get rid of me that easily.

40. I can’t remember the krabby patty recipe.

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