Tribe CBD Brand Profile: CBD for the people

Tribe CBD: A CBD Brand for the People

Tribe CBD is a wellness brand that is focused on seed-to-sale transparency. Working with farmers in Colorado and Oregon, Tribe offers a USA-grown, broad spectrum, hemp-derived CBD that is free from heavy metal and pesticides. 

Affordability of CBD is also top of mind for the Tribe team. Their objective is making high-quality CBD products available at attainable pricing for most. You’ll often find their price points beat the market, and the products are top notch.

Tribe CBD’s Vision

Tribe CBD’s mission is simple: “Provide the highest quality hemp CBD infused products to our customers at attainable pricing.” As a company that works closely with their farmers, they strive to create a community where all their customers feel “part of the Tribe.”

Passionate in the power of CBD, Tribe is dedicated to making CBD attainable to everyone. They have assistance programs available in order to bring discounted products to Veterans, as well as those with a long-term disability and low income individuals.

How Tribe Makes their Product

Tribe CBD utilizes CO2 extraction to provide whole plant extract without the THC. For the entourage effect, Tribe CBD products contain a spectrum of cannabinoids as well as flavonoids and natural plant terpenes. 

Tribe’s proprietary formula was created to facilitate the maximum potency of cannabinoids. All their products are made in a GMP certified facility before being sent to third party testing labs to ensure high quality standards. All CBD batch results can be found on their website.

Who are they Targeting?

Anyone seeking to enhance their wellness routine. Tribe offers a variety of products for their CBD to be incorporated into many different lifestyles.

What Products/Services do they Provide?

Tribe cbd products

Tribe CBD offers a curated line of products all infused with their premium broad spectrum CBD formulation.

CBD Tinctures

Tribe CBD oils and tinctures

Tribe CBD offers CBD oil tinctures in two flavors: natural and citrus. Both flavor options are offered in three strengths: 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg. Their dropper conveniently is marked for easy dosing; 1ml is one dropper and the suggested serving size.

Tribe’s oils and tinctures can be used in multiple ways. The first method is sublingually – or under the tongue. This method allows for rapid absorption to your bloodstream through your oral tissues. The second method is to add the oil to drinks such as tea and coffee or to food recipes such as salad dressings or smoothies. CBD is absorbed through your digestive tract in this method.

CBD Gummies

tribe cbd gummies

For those looking for a sweet way to get your daily CBD, Tribe offers tasty CBD gummies. Each gummy has 10mg of the same broad spectrum CBD formulation found in their tinctures. Plus Tribe CBD’s gummies are only sweetened with agave syrup and fruit juice so you get a dose of CBD without a dose of artificial sugars.

Tribe CBD offers their berry flavored gummies in package sizes of 10 gummies (100mg) or 40 gummies (400mg).

CBD Topicals

Topicals are a great way to direct CBD to exactly where your muscles and joints need it most. Tribe CBD offers a Cold Therapy Cream in Regular (100mg CBD) and Extra Strength (200mg). Again, Tribe uses the same high quality oil as their tinctures to make their topical. With a cream, you are able to directly apply CBD to the area in need. And since absorption is done through the skin, you will start to feel the effects quickly. Additionally, Tribe Cooling Cream contains chamomile and menthol for their calming benefits.

CBD Shots

With their patented emulsification technology, Tribe’s CBD shots won the Convenience Store News Best New Products Award. CBD shots are 2.5fl oz beverages that come in two options: sleep and energy. Both contain 30mg broad spectrum CBD.

tribe cbd sleep shot

The Sleep Shot combines Tribe’s high quality CBD along with other sleep enhancing herbs including: melatonin, lavender, 5-HTP, and skullcap flower.

tribe cbd energy shot

The Energy Shot utilizes CBD alongside all natural ingredients like: caffeine, guarana, and ginseng for a boost of energy without the jitters.

Both shots use nano-emulsification to have a quick absorption rate and high bioavailability for the most efficacy possible. 

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