Flying with Weed and Getting through Airport Security

Flying somewhere can mean an exciting vacation, a stressful family visit, or a business trip. No matter why you’re flying, you’re probably wondering if and how you can bring your weed along with you. Flying with weed is risky, but it is certainly doable if you have a good plan.

Flying with Weed Legality 

Technically, there is no completely legal way to take weed through TSA. Some states that have legalized marijuana, including California, allow people to possess a certain amount in their airports, but this does not apply to all states where marijuana is legal. For example, weed is legal in Colorado, but it is not allowed in the Denver International Airport. We recommend researching the marijuana laws of both states and airports that you will be going through. If the state you are flying from allows marijuana but your destination does not, that is something to consider. Just because you obtained the weed legally does not mean you can take it anywhere. Regardless of the state, TSA is still a concern. They don’t actively search for marijuana, but they will have to defer to local law enforcement if they find it. TSA checkpoints technically fall under federal jurisdiction, and weed isn’t federally legal. At the very least, you could be risking getting your weed confiscated. However, if you are in a state where weed is legal in the airports, local authorities will probably send you on your way after they’re brought into the situation.

Flying with Weed in the SAME State

If you are flying with weed within a state where it is not legal, you would likely face repercussions if caught. The only thing going for you, in this case, is that you would only be breaking the law in one state. If weed is allowed in the state you’re in and both airports that you’ll be going through, you don’t have as much to worry about. You will still be passing through federal jurisdiction when you go through TSA. Still, they aren’t likely to waste their time calling local authorities into the situation, knowing it won’t result in anything. However, if you are flying within a state where weed is legal but not allowed in airports, you probably still won’t get in trouble, but you might be instructed to get rid of your stash if you’re caught with it. 

Flying with Weed between DIFFERENT States

This is a little more complicated than flying within the same state. If weed is legal in the state you are coming from and the state you are headed to, you probably won’t have any trouble, but there may still be a problem due to the issue of federal jurisdiction. If you’re going to a state where weed is still illegal, you may get busted for possession after landing. There is cause for concern if you are flying out of a state that does not allow marijuana, regardless of the laws in your destination. This is due to the fact, you will undergo a search by TSA before you can even get on the plane. Either way, though, if you do get busted for flying across state lines with marijuana, you could be facing a federal drug trafficking charge along with possession.

Flying with Weed to Other Countries

Transporting weed to another country can be a serious offense, no matter where you are flying. If you’re caught doing this, you could be charged with federal drug trafficking. In addition, if you are caught with weed in a country where it is illegal, you may be subject to that country’s legal proceedings. Going through customs when you land at your destination increases the risk as well, as customs proceedings sometimes entail a search of your belongings.

Tricks to Flying with Weed

Flying with weed can be dangerous, but there are ways to decrease the risk of getting caught. 

General Tips

A big concern when flying with weed in a carry-on is the smell. You may want to invest in smell-proof storage to transport your stash; you can find containers made to be smell-proof online. Or most mason jars will do the trick. You could even try vacuum-sealing your weed before you pack it to make extra sure TSA won’t catch a whiff of it. That being said, you shouldn’t pack weed in your checked bag because those can be subject to random searches. Make sure to keep the packaging to a minimum, so you don’t draw extra attention to your stash and don’t fly with large amounts. More weed will be more conspicuous, plus more of a penalty if you do get in trouble. 

Speaking of remaining inconspicuous, make sure you don’t reek of weed yourself while you’re going through TSA. 


Flower is the smelliest form of cannabis, so it is the most difficult to get take on a flight. Vacuum sealing your flower will help greatly, but make sure to wrap it first because vacuum seal bags are clear. You could also drop a couple of buds into an aspirin bottle; just be sure to put the cotton ball back on top before you close the bottle. If you’re taking joints, those can be hidden in an emptied highlighter, Pez dispenser, or any other inconspicuous, oblong object that can be hollowed out.


Vapes can be very easy to sneak in. Just make sure that it has less than 3 oz of liquid as per TSA guidelines. These are best hidden with toiletries or in some sort of pencil case with a few writing utensils so it will blend in.


Edibles are pretty easy to get through security because they look like regular food when removed from their original packaging. You can make them even less noticeable by putting them with other snacks, but be careful if they’re smelly. If you’re flying out of the country, customs may require you to dispose of all your food upon arrival, but you could eat your edibles on the flight to make it a more enjoyable experience!

Final Thoughts

There are ways to fly with weed, but there is no way to do so without technically breaking the law. Remember, weed is still illegal on a federal level, so travel with cannabis at your own risk. If you decide to bring your weed with you on your flight, follow our advice and hide it well!

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