Cannabis Media Brand Respect My Region launch 2022 North American Weed Tour

Who is Respect My Region? 

Since 2011, Respect My Region has provided a community-centric platform that connects real people to local culture. 

Founded by partners Joey Brabo, Collin Johnson, & Mitch Pfeifer, RMR is at the forefront of cannabis & music culture. The brand started in Washington State, covering local artists, musicians, & the emerging cannabis market. RMR has now since expanded to LA and covers stories worldwide. 

Throughout Q1 of 2020, RMR has increased monthly web traffic, along with their Facebook and Instagram likes, followers, and overall engagement across social media.

RMR offers custom content creation, management services, marketing/advertising, influencer campaigns, music licensing, distribution, and PR services.

The North American Weed Tour

The North American Weed Tour (NAWT) is a digital and physical campaign that was crafted in 2021 to help connect weed consumers and industry professionals to the best cannabis across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

15 Cannabis Media and Technology Platforms Unite To Showcase Legal Weed Culture In Canada, Mexico, and The United States As Part of’s 2nd Annual North American Weed Tour.

“Scaling the tour with these new series will allow us to magnify the stories of new brands and businesses across North America even more. This year, the tour has been specially crafted to have a greater impact on cannabis brands in emerging markets while also amplifying the success of industry leaders and innovators,” said Respect My Region CEO and Founder, Mitch Pfeifer.


What Content will be Produced on the North American Weed Tour? 

On this tour, RMR and its partners will produce and promote more than 250 live stream podcasts and Instagram live streams that provide a real-time day-to-day view of cannabis culture across North America.

The RMR team will host numerous co-branded Instagram live streams and podcast episodes each week starting July 10th and going until December 15th.

Throughout the campaign, RMR will publish unique articles and host podcast episodes featuring partners and guests of the North American Weed Tour. Retailers and brands who have top-performing products have the opportunity to have their items featured and/or reviewed as part of the 2022 NAWT Competition.


How Does Respect My Region Review Cannabis Products? 


Products are rated on a 100-point system utilizing ten unique categories. RMR Is Searching For The Best Cannabis In North America

– Cannabis Flower & Pre-Rolls

– Vapes and Dabs

– Edibles

– Beverages

– Health and Wellness


– Dispensaries

– Delivery Services

– Budtender

– Staff

Please reach out to Mitch or Joey at to enter the North American Weed Tour or to request more information.

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