Top 10 Tips and Tricks for an Elevated Wake & Bake

Top 10 Tips and Tricks for an Elevated Wake & Bake

“Waking and baking” is more than just taking a hit of the ganja immediately after waking up. Taking part in a wake and bake should be an art-form⁠—no, a ritual. A smoke session that leaves you lifted and ready to face the day.

Don’t you want to optimize your morning to lead you to the most productive day possible? With a proper wake and bake, you can let your creativity fly and set positive intentions to activate your “highest-self.” We’re here to break down the most effective way to start your morning, wake and bake style.

What Does Wake and Bake Mean?

First, let’s make it clear: Wake and bake refers to the act of waking up in the morning—or rising from any slumber—and immediately sparking up some cannabis to get baked.

While the origins of this ritual remain unclear, some weed culture historians trace its original use back to the 1960s as part of the Grateful Dead concert following.

Cannabis use however goes back thousands of years in human culture. From the ancient Chinese, the royal Scythians, and now the modern wellness lifestyle optimizer.

Tip 1: Prepare The Night Before Your Wake and Bake

Every successful morning involves thoughtful preparation for what the day has in store for you. Preparation the night before is a surefire way to ensure a productive morning. Less decision making in the morning will allow you to focus on the more important tasks ahead.

Choose Your Cannabis

An important decision you don’t want to make with a groggy mind in the morning is choosing the right strain.

Expecting to start work on a new project or task? Then perhaps a Sativa strain such as Sour Diesel or Super Lemon Haze will zest up the morning.

If you are planning on a more laid back sunrise, then an Indica strain such as O.G. will give you the relaxing and mellow high you are seeking.

While the scientific accuracy of using the terms “sativa” and “indica” is still under debate we will still consider these terms the backbone of choosing an outcome based strain.

Pack Your Bowl/”Pre-Roll” Your Joint

Start by “pre-rolling” a nice joint the night before you plan to wake-and-bake. Preparing your joint beforehand will save you valuable time and effort when starting your morning.

If you can’t roll a joint however, a glass bowl or bong will be your next best choice. Make sure to “pre-load” the bowl or bong piece with your ground up cannabis, that way you will again save a few extra minutes in the morning. And don’t forget to keep the lighter by your bedside as well!

Review Your Schedule For The Next Day

Nothing is better than being prepared. Before committing to a wake and bake sesh, always review what outstanding tasks you have at hand and what the next day’s schedule will bring. This will help ease all anxiety with getting baked in the morning, as well as set you on the right path after your smoke session is complete. You will be calm, cool, collected, and one step ahead of the day. This way you can enjoy your morning bake anxiety free and use this session of bliss to brainstorm new ways to accomplish your goals.

Tip 2: Drink a Tall Glass of Water

Humans are 60% water! That’s right folks, more than half of your body is composed of H2O.

Surprisingly enough, many people still do not realize the importance of staying hydrated. You should be drinking an average of 1.5 liters of water per day. To further highlight this practice, research suggests that  dehydration can negatively affect alertness, concentration, and physical performance.

Tip 3: Make Yourself a Nice Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Numerous studies have linked eating breakfast to a faster metabolism, increased mental awareness, and overall increase in health. Nobody wants to go through their day feeling tired and weak. Eating a healthy breakfast in the morning will kick-start your metabolism and give you the energy you need to conquer the tasks ahead. Make yourself a nice bowl of oatmeal with some fruit. Oatmeal is a great source of fiber!

If perhaps you are adverse to inhaling smoke, then infusing cannabis into your breakfast meal is a great way to get that THC high without coughing. Starting your morning with an infused cannabis recipe will stretch out your high. The slow onset of an edible or infused meal is much more palatable for someone with a low tolerance, and is a great way to show off your culinary talents.

Tip 4: Get Outside! (weather permitting)

Take your breakfast and cannabis outside to breathe in some wonderful fresh air. Take in some extra vitamin D from the morning sun and spark up the beautiful joint you rolled just for this occasion.

Smoking outside will also keep the cannabis from smelling up your abode. If you perhaps live in an area that is currently too cold or rainy, then don’t forget to grab a jacket!

Tip 5: Commit to a Digital Detox

Take a breather from screen time when you first wake up. Rather than reaching for your phone when you first open your eyes,  reach for your already prepped weed and get your wake-and-bake ritual started.

Also, do not anxiously start checking for work related emails and other notifications. Take a deep breath and spark your stash instead. A study conducted by the IDC found that 80% of smartphone users engage with their mobile devices within 15 minutes of waking up. Taking a digital detox in the morning is a great way to rest your eyes and mind from the stressors that normally infect your morning.

Tip 6: Wake, Bake, and Create

A wake-and-bake is the perfect time to put the phone down, get a little high, and let that creativity fly! Writing down your ideas and thoughts on paper is a great exercise to get your creative juices flowing. Write down your ideas for that new work project, brainstorm ways to organize your glass collection, or even start working on the next great screenplay you keep telling yourself you are going to write (maybe that’s just me).

Tip 7: Brew Hot Coffee or Tea

Ever hear of a hippie speedball? Mixing cannabis and caffeine give you the best of both worlds, a little bump from the caffeine, a little mellow from the THC, a great way to expand your consciousness in the relaxing setting of the wake and bake.

If coffee isn’t your thing, brew some herbal tea of your choosing. For best results find a tea with a decent caffeine percentage.  Want to enjoy your coffee and cannabis out of the same cup?

Check out some of these awesome coffee bowl mugs on etsy for great ways to sip your beverage of choice while toking on a pipe, all in one.

Tip 8: Meditate

Everyday is an opportunity to express gratitude and thank the goddess above for all of life’s blessings. After enjoying your sativa joint and/or hippie speedball combo, take time to reflect, close your eyes, and take a deep breath.

Meditation is a great way to start off your day. Focusing on your breath clears the mind of any negative thoughts. Starting the day with a fresh clear mind can help you set your intentions for the day and start on the positive side of things. Set and Setting are important for any ritualized experience.

Tip 9: Freshen Up

While enjoying a nice wake and bake can be rewarding and relaxing, others might find the “pungent” smell of cannabis offensive. Before going out into public, heading into the office, or simply meeting an acquaintance, it is best to avoid showing up smelling like a skunk. After your wake and bake routine, you should immediately freshen up by showering, washing your face, and brushing your teeth. Cleanliness is next to godliness after-all.

Tip 10: Always Enjoy in Moderation

Like any substance, ritual, or activity, it is best enjoyed in moderation. The wake and bake should not be part of your daily routine, but a sacred ritual that you use to relax the mind and set proper morning intentions.

This wake and bake ritual’s intensity will ultimately come down to your THC tolerance level. Regular cannabis consumers are more likely to have a higher THC tolerance and may need more than just one bowl. Everybody is different so what works on some might not work for others! Give the Wake and bake method a try and see what it does for you!

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