Neon Joint Holiday Gift Guide

Neonjoint Holiday Cannabis Gift Guide

Enjoy our Holiday Gift Guide and the best picks this year from the Neonjoint team.

Gifts for Mom

Synergy Trio – Mana Artisan Botanics

The Synergy Trio from Mana Artisan Botanics brings the taste of Aloha right to you. Crafted using locally sourced Hawaiian ingredients, this set includes everything you need to start your hemp healing journey; 

  • 1 oz Hemp Oil: Macadamia, Turmeric & Vanilla
    • Treat Yourself to a pure and synergistic combination of organic phytocannabinoid-rich hemp with fresh Hawaiian grown turmeric-infused in your choice of organic Hawaiian macadamia nut oil, or organic MCT coconut oil.
  • 1oz Hemp Balm: Plantain & Comfrey
    • Soothe Yourself with a Hawaiian herbal Hemp Balm. This topical infusion of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract, organic coconut oil, organic Hawaiian beeswax, and organic essential oils is sure to help with any aches and pains your body is craving relief from. 
  • 2oz Hemp Honey: Lehua & Wilelaiki
    • For those who want their hemp a little sweet, Drizzle some rare Hawaiian Hemp Honey into your life. This unique blend of sustainably sourced raw, organic Hawaiian honey is infused with organic CBD hemp extract. It is the perfect way to ingest phytocannabinoids for those who like a little sweetness as well as the benefits of additional nutrients. Add it to your tea or toast or let it melt in your mouth. An optimal step in facial care regimen as a nourishing mask or addition to the product of choice.

The Mom Bundle – Amma Healing Co.

Created for the hardworking moms who need to relax this holiday, Amma Healing Co. has put together the perfect gift for the stressed-out Moms in our life. This MOM-tastic set includes;

The ELEVATE Elixir, a non-alcoholic beverage mixer that gives all the bliss without the booze. It pairs perfectly with our soothing salve with luxurious lavender and eucalyptus. Its non-greasy feel is perfect for tired shoulders or achy feet from chasing little ones around all day.

Gifts for The Pup

Happi Canine

Nothing is more important than the health of our furry family members. Happi Canine has crafted a veterinary formulated CBD tincture for all of our canine companions. Happi Canine is made from three premium quality ingredients; American farm-grown full-spectrum hemp, sustainably harvested Wild Caught Alaskan fish oil, and all-natural Vitamin E. Your pups will love the taste! If your pup is suffering from separation or travel anxiety, achy joints, or just needs an overall boost to their wellness, Happi Canine is the holiday gift for you. 

Holiday Weed Delivery


Greenrush Delivery is California’s Bay Area premiere cannabis delivery service. They have a wide selection of quality products and brands available from local dispensaries in your area. So if you are looking to avoid the dispensaries this holiday season, Greenrush can get weed in your hands without having to leave the house.


Ganjarunner offers speedy cannabis delivery in 90 minutes or less. With distribution centers all over California, Ganjarunner can service anybody, anytime, anywhere with sticky green buds and cannabis goodies. Ganjarunner waives any delivery fees, saving you money! Their daily deal emails and select discounts keep customers coming back for savings. 

Holiday Harvest

Debudder Bucket Lid – ProCannaGro

Tired of trimming your buds by hand? The Debudder Bucket Lid from ProCannaGro was designed to save cannabis trimmers tons of time, energy, and money. The product is made from a durable material to last for harvest after harvest. 

CBD for Sleep

Elevated Wellness Sleep Aid

The Elevated Wellness Sleep Aid is a specialty crafted formula made from a high-quality broad-spectrum hemp formulation combined with a premium grade melatonin infusion. This combination of terpenes, cannabinoids, and melatonin will help you snooze right off into a peaceful slumber. 


Tribe CBD Sleep Shot

Nothing like a shot before bed. This rapid activating CBD Sleep Shot from Tribe CBD is a great way to quickly give your body a good dose of CBD before bed. 

AMMA Healing CBD Capsules

Perhaps you prefer your nighttime CBD in pill form. AMMA Healing brings us these easy to dose CBD Sleep Capsules to help with your nighttime routine. Their formula is infused with curcumin and helps support your restorative sleep cycle with relaxing melatonin and chamomile. AMMA’s proprietary nano-technology ensures maximum bioavailability and optimal absorption so you get the most from every drop.


Herbal Wellness for Athletes 

Workout Recovery Bundle – Tribe CBD

This post-workout bundle from our friends at Tribe CBD is the ultimate way to recover your muscles and joints after a strenuous workout. This set included a 500mg CBD tincture with natural flavoring paired with a cold therapy CBD cream. Use as needed to support exercise-induced inflammation.

The Athlete Bundle – AMMA Healing

Curated by AMMA Healing’s professional athlete partners, this bundle supports peak performance for your body & mind. Nano Soft Gels with curcumin enhance mental acuity, blood sugar management, and inflammation support for faster recovery. The salve helps to soothe your post-workout aches and pains, muscle soreness, and reduce inflammation.

The Detox Bundle – Pass Your Test

Looking to take a tolerance break from THC? Or perhaps you have an important detox deadline coming up…Pass Your Test offers a 10-day detox bundle to help clear your system of all unwanted toxins. Follow their step-by-step detox guide to ensure your success at cleansing your system. 

Tasty Vapes

iKON Vapes

iKON Vapes has exploded into the LA market with their “high tech” vape pod design and tasty cart flavors. iKON Pens have crafted flavor cannabis pods such as Green Apple, Cereal, Mango Melon, and lots more. These pods taste great and have a smooth hit in a great discreet design. 

Bloom Brands

Bloom Brands brings premium quality Live Resin Carts to the consumer. Bloom Brands products always deliver in terms of quality and taste. Their live resin pods are SO AMAZING, high tech and get you just the right amount of high. 

Kandy Pens

Kandy Pens is one of the leading cannabis hardware brands in the industry! Crafting everything from dry aromatic material, concentrates, to oils. Every product gets a lifetime warranty. What sets Kandy Pens apart from other manufacturers though is their unique artist collaborations. With BIG names like DJ Khalid, Amber Rose, & A$AP Rocky, using these pens puts you into celebrity status. 

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