Bloom live budder

Bloom Live Budder: a Raving Review

Bloom Brands is a passionate cannabis company bringing incredible concentrates to the market. Read here for a review of Bloom Live Budder.

Bloom Brand is a passionate company producing extracts that resonate in quality, consistency, and potency. The driving force of Bloom is a company culture rooted in a love for clean cannabis products. Their live budder is no exception to their love for quality dabs; coming in at a reasonable price point, this extract from Bloom deserves its spot in your headstash. 

Blooming with Flavor: The Review

Bloom’s live budder is incredible and a team favorite here at NeonJoint. For casual or regular dabbers, the live resin extraction method they use to produce such a wonderful product allows Bloom to create concentrates bursting with natural cannabis terpenes from cannabis strains grown to the highest standard. When consuming this live budder at low vaporization temperature, whether in a pen, e-rig, or quartz banger, the flavor of strains like Watermelon Gelato, Sunset Sherbet, and Paradise Punch shines through beautifully. 

The consistency of Bloom’s budder gives the “budder” classification an accurate feel. Easy to dab up on a tool or put into an e-rig or dab pen, the budder’s viscosity is perfectly manageable for all levels of experience with consuming extracts. Furthermore, the jars Bloom Brand uses for their live budders and this wonderful budder-like texture make it easy to get out every bit of extract.

Potency is another plus for Bloom’s budder line of extract. While focusing on terpene retention in their concentrates as a priority, they were also very keen on producing a product with a high level of THC content to appease the seasoned cannabis extract consumers. These live badders hit hard when dosed proportionally to the user’s tolerance level and make for a pleasant experience of each strain’s effects. 

After checking all of our boxes here at NeonJoint, Bloom’s live budder comes highly recommended by a team who loves their cannabis extracts. Looking for a flavorful and potent option for your dabbing needs, look no further than Bloom’s line of extracts. 

Currently, the 5 strains offered in the live resin badder are Watermelon Gelato, Sunset Sherbet, Paradise Punch, Sugar Tart, and Blue Cookies. These strains are masterfully grown and then extracted at the highest of standards producing wonderfully flavorful experiences. 

Bloom Brand Product Line

Bloom currently offers three product lines of extracts for their customers to enjoy. They have two different vaporization options they coin as Vape X and Surf, as well as the live budder mentioned in this review. With these three lines, the Bloom team has been able to hone in on their products, yielding amazing production of cannabis extracts. 

Vape X

Vape X is Bloom’s more traditional approach to the cannabis concentrate vape pen. Made out of glass and ceramic, their cartridges are designed for consistency in their airflow and function. Powered by a standard 510 threaded battery, these cartridges are super easy to charge on the go via USB. 


One of the most advanced disposable vapes on the market, Bloom has created Surf to fill the need for a better way to vape cannabis. Made with a ceramic heating element that cools much faster than other more common metal elements, Surf can preserve the rich terpene content of the cannabis strains Bloom works so hard to provide their customers. Currently, they’re offered in .35g variants, but there is talk of half and possibly whole gram options coming in the future. 

Where To Buy

Ready to dive into the world of dabbing with Bloom Brand? Visit their site for Bloom Live Budder.

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