Northern Nights Music Festival: A Harmonious Blend of Music, Cannabis, and Culture

Discover the unique fusion of music, cannabis, and cultural celebration at the Northern Nights Music Festival.

Greetings, fellow festival-goers, and cannabis connoisseurs! As the Neonjoint team, we are electrified to announce our return to the Northern Nights Music Festival for its 10th anniversary in 2023. Our anticipation is sky-high, and not just because of the promise of a new, exclusive strain. 

We are thrilled to immerse ourselves once again in the dynamic confluence of heart-thumping music, top-tier cannabis, and the undeniable magic of cultural unity that only Northern Nights can deliver. This year, we’re geared up to engage deeper, party harder, and embrace the holistic ethos that makes this festival a highlight of our calendar. Join us, and let’s blaze a trail together in this extraordinary celebration of life, rhythm, and leaf. Get ready, 2023, we’re coming in lit!

What: Northern Nights Music Festival

When: July 14-16, 2023

Where: Cook’s Valley Campground, Piercy, California

A Lineup as Diverse as Strains in a Dispensary

In the world of cannabis, variety is the spice of life. The Northern Nights Music Festival, much like a well-stocked dispensary, is full of diverse offerings. The phase two lineup is a testament to this, featuring a mix of artists as varied as the strains on a dispensary shelf. From Belgian drum and bass legend Netsky to genre-bending MiMOSA, and from the unique sounds of Santa Cruz act KR3TURE to Denver producer NotLö, the festival is a veritable smorgasbord of musical talent.

A Cannabis Experience as Seamless as a Perfectly Rolled Joint

Just as a perfectly rolled joint is a thing of beauty, so too is the integration of cannabis into the Northern Nights Music Festival. In a groundbreaking move, the festival, in partnership with Weedmaps, Embarc Events, Cvalt, and One Log House, is integrating cannabis vending into the venue itself. It’s a bold move, as daring and innovative as the latest cannabis-infused edible.

The “Northern Nights” Strain: The Latest Must-Try Variety

In the world of cannabis, everyone is always looking for the next must-try strain. At Northern Nights, it’s not just about sampling, but about creating. The festival is launching its in-house cannabis strain, the “Northern Nights”, created in collaboration with the world-renowned breeder Humboldt Seed Company. It’s the must-try experience of the festival, as sought-after as a rare, top-shelf strain.

Wellness and Movement: The Perfect Pairing

Wellness and movement at Northern Nights are as perfectly paired as cannabis and relaxation. The festival, in collaboration with Movement Makers, is offering a range of activities from breathwork practices and sound healing experiences to yoga classes and a cacao ceremony. It’s a holistic approach to festival-going, as balanced and harmonious as the perfect CBD to THC ratio.

Glamping, Camping, and RV: Something for Everyone

The festival’s glamping tents are the epitome of festival chic, offering a glamorous and comfortable experience that’s as luxurious as a private, members-only cannabis club. But there are plenty of options for tent and car camping, as well as RV hookups in case you decide to bring your home away from home. Learn more about the options here.

Eco-friendly Transportation: The Sustainable Choice

In the world of cannabis, sustainability is key. Northern Nights is offering shuttle services, proving that eco-consciousness and festival fun can go hand in hand. Cut down on your emissions by carpooling with friends and taking advantage of the shuttle service the Northern Nights team is providing. 

Get Your Festival Gear Packed

Set amidst the stunning backdrop of Cook’s Valley Campground in Piercy, California, the Northern Nights Music Festival is more than just an event—it’s a lifestyle. This unique festival, happening from July 14-16, seamlessly blends music, cannabis, and wellness into an unforgettable experience.

The festival features a diverse music lineup, a selection of cannabis strains including the exclusive “Northern Nights” strain, and a range of wellness activities. Attendees can also enjoy luxurious glamping experiences and eco-friendly transportation options, reflecting the festival’s commitment to sustainability.
Whether you’re a music lover, a cannabis enthusiast, or a wellness seeker, Northern Nights offers a unique convergence of interests and experiences. It’s a celebration of diversity and innovation, promising a truly one-of-a-kind festival experience. Secure your tickets today on the festival’s website.

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