best edibles memes

Getting high on edibles is like the wild card of cannabis. Sometimes you only catch a buzz, and other times you’re eating a whole bag of chips while watching cartoons. The dreaded over-indulgence may have you wondering if you forgot to send your mom a birthday card last year, or some other random high thought. Seriously, it can be a really unpredictable ride!

One thing is for certain—getting high on edibles is usually hysterical after the fact. And we bet that most of these memes are pretty relatable. So, without further ado, here are some of the best edibles memes out there.

Edible Memes Every Stoner Can Relate To

1. These edibles ain’t……

edibles memes

2. Oooo, yeah!

3. I’m calling Gordon Ramsey.

4. Cereal is like a savior.

5. And we’re off!

6. Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times.

7. When you forget your password and have to reset it when you’re high.

8. Hold on tight.


10. But, didn’t you just take one? Or did you?

11. That’s one way to get it through TSA.

12. I’ll take one of each, thank you.

13. We’re going on a trip.

14. Take cover!

15. Ribbit, ribbit.

16. Can you hear me now?

17. Queue the talking donkey.

18. “Power down sound for windows.”

19. Let’s get ready to rumbleeee.

20. Shhhh…

21. Hellooo….

22. Bam!

23. Who needs melatonin when you have edibles.

24.  And, we are done for the day.

25. I’m sorry, whattttt?

26. Oh no, I haven’t seen me either!

27. Well at least you’re not driving.

28. Where’s my life alert button?

29. I didn’t see that coming!

30. No, wait, ugh.

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