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The Armoire Grow Box: Stealthy Indoor Cultivation

The Armoire by Green Goddess Supply is a complete bio chamber unit that makes growing cannabis at home super easy. Read to learn more.
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The Armoire by Green Goddess Supply is a complete biochamber unit that makes growing cannabis at home as easy as “plug, plant, & water”. Built with discretion in mind, The Armoire is designed to camouflage itself as a piece of “high-end” furniture. 

The Armoire comes in two unique wood style finishes, cherry wood & barn board. The Armoire Biochamber is built as the perfect ecosystem for autoflowering cannabis seeds. With the concierge service provided and proprietary grow protocol, you should be expecting 3-6oz yields in as little as 60 days. 

Meet The Founders

The Armoire Biochamber from Green Goddess Supply is the brainchild of company founders Eric Robichaud & Vincent Bitetti. 

Eric is a native Rhode Island resident who began programming in his teens, and was launching his first business out of college. Over the course of 24 years, he has developed hundreds of retail products, started multiple businesses from scratch and grew them to multi-million operations and exits. He is an inductee of the Shareware Hall of Fame, and was Chairman of the Board of the Shareware Industry Awards Foundation in the late 1990s. He has an extensive background in high tech, marketing, and creative design, having run marketing agencies for over 20 years. Mr. Robichaud conceived, launched and sold three businesses, and helped dozens of clients launch and grow their own businesses, over the course of two decades.

Eric has a 24-year history collaborating with Vincent Bitetti on hundreds of product SKUs across two different businesses since 1993. Mr. Bitetti had taken his software business from garage start-up (literally) to a public IPO and beyond, managing a business with a $300 million P&L, and then selling it to another, larger public company. Vincent Bitetti is the inventor of The Armoire and has collaborated with Mr. Robichaud to bring this product to market. 

The Armoire’s Vision

The Team behind The Armoire Biochamber aims to kickstart the home grow revolution. With less than quality cannabis products hitting the market, the obvious solution is for cannabis users to grow their own supply. Dispensary cannabis is overtaxed and with The Armoire you can cultivate a consistent way to always be growing fresh buds at home. 

Who is Using The Armoire?

The Armoire Biochamber wants everyone to learn how to unlock their green thumb. If you are tired of overpaying for less than quality products from the local dispensary, then The Armoire is the perfect solution. 

  • For anyone interested in growing cannabis at home, but intimidated by the very particular growing process.
  • For beginners who have been uncertain about growing at home, and haven’t found a reliable solution. 
  • For those in apartments or homes with minimal open space, who want to grow their own plant without anyone else knowing.
  • The Armoire is even for experienced growers who want to consistently grow their personal plant indoors at home.

The Armoire Indoor Grow Box: Reviewed

As cannabis enthusiasts, many of us want to take that leap from recreational use to grow our own plants. However, you quickly find that growing weed at home can be intimidating, expensive, and frankly very frustrating. 

  • Overfeeding
  • Too much light
  • Not enough calcium
  • Too much nitrogen
  • High water PH 
  • High moisture causing mold growth…

It certainly takes a green thumb to have a consistent and high quality homegrown cannabis plant without any defects or issues. 

With a busy and hectic schedule, it’s even more difficult to learn the skills and discover the nuances to growing quality buds. A reliable cannabis home growing solution that breaks the learning curve is necessary, and that’s what you find in The Armoire indoor grow box. 

Setting Up The Armoire

Set Up Time: About 30 Minutes

Tools Required: Phillips/Flathead Screwdriver and a friend to help (do not try to set up alone). 

Setting Up Your Armoire

When The Armoire arrived, the unit came as expected with no shipping damages. It only weighed about 40 pounds. The unit sits about 2-feet wide and 4.5-feet tall when all four legs are attached. The door to the unit needed to be modified by installing the two door handles, which are not attached for shipping purposes. Assembly and setup is best with two people. It makes attaching the legs and moving the unit much easier.

To complete the assembly on the unit, you’ll need a Phillips or Flathead screwdriver. It took about 30 minutes to attach the feet, modify the door, and install the hanging light and carbon-scrubbing filter. Clean hands and clean clothes are recommended in order to not contaminate the unit with microscopic pests.

Overall the setup process was straightforward and simple to follow. The Armoire team provides a quick and easy setup guide, and their concierge service was available if any additional support was needed.

Growing With The Armoire

The Armoire’s proprietary growing protocol is designed with autoflowering cannabis seeds in mind. After ordering autoflowering seeds, it’s time to prepare the cloth pot. 

The Armoire ships with a cloth pot, which provides extra oxygen at the roots and gives similar advantages to growing hydroponically, while allowing you to water your plants in soil. This helps speed up the growth of the plant in general and prevents you from overwatering the plant, as excess water leaks out of the bottom and into the provided retaining dish.

After research and recommendations from The Armoire Concierge Team, the best soil to use is Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil. This brand is packed with nutrients, and is highly regarded as a great starting soil for beginner growers and enthusiasts alike. The soil contains just about enough nutrients to allow you to avoid buying extra nutrients to feed your plant. 

How long did it take to sprout?

Autoflower seeds are best germinated directly in the soil. We placed the seed about a ¼ to ½ inch deep, covered with dry soil, and sprinkled water over the planted area every day. We saw the seed pop in 3 days, the average being 3-4 days. However The Armoire’s Concierge Team has seen a seed take as long as 7 days.

seed sprout

What was the daily feeding schedule like?

The daily feeding schedule adjusted as the plant grew. At first, she just got a light sprinkling above the area where the seed was planted.

Once she emerged from the soil, the plant received about 16-20oz of water a day, mostly keeping the topsoil dry and getting down to the beginning roots. 

As the plant matured, we slowly increased the amount of water. While you do not need to get precise measurements, we did approximate using a mister bottle, which had measurements on the side, before pouring the water into a watering can. We used the watering can in order to water the plant in a “swirl” pattern, with the intention of hitting all the roots and getting the entire plant properly watered.

It is vital to use clean water when feeding your plant. Tap water, and even spring water, is not preferable for daily feeding and should only be used in a pinch. Distilled water is the best choice, as it is chemical and mineral free and allows the plant to only absorb nutrients in the soil.

What were the first few weeks like?

The first few weeks of the plant’s growth cycle went very quickly. It felt like the seedling had a new growth every time we opened The Armoire’s door. 

During this time, we made sure to carefully monitor the moisture level of the soil as well as the humidity and temperature of the unit. The plant is most vulnerable to changes during this stage, and it’s vital to keep a stable and steady environment to grow in. 

Thanks to The Armoire’s grow chamber, our worries were minimal and our biggest concern was making sure the plant received enough water each day, and the height of the light stayed between 4-6 inches above the top of the highest shoot.

When did you really start to notice growth?

Throughout the first 3 weeks, the plan had very consistent growth. A new set of leaves would open up almost every day, and the plant grew about a half an inch to an inch a day. 

Major leaps occurred around day 20. Almost overnight the plant felt like it doubled in size. This was right around when we should have begun stress training, however we may have waited a bit longer then normal.

When did you start stress training?

Stress training started on day 24, although it could have occured a couple of days before. Had we caught the plant a bit earlier, the yield would have been slightly more. However, this plant turned out extremely well and handled the stress training just fine, quickly righting her leaves and growing outwards and upwards.

stress training

How was the stress training process?

The stress training process was enjoyable, although nerve-wracking at first. I was very worried when I bent the various stems of the plant, especially the main shoot. However, when performed early and while the plant is the right age, stress training poses almost no risk to the plant. 

When young, the limbs are extremely malleable and can be bent at 45 degree angles without major fear of snapping. The plant will form a “knuckle” at the bend point, helping solidify the angle when the branches begin to harden.

We checked on the plant daily for roughly sixty days, ensuring the soil moisture meter and humidity monitor read within the optimal growing environment. 

With The Armoire growing guide & concierge service, our first time grower worries were swept away and we felt confident in our ability to produce high quality buds. 

Benefits of The Armoire

  • With the Armoire Biochamber you are getting 35+ years of grower experience, all in one box. 
  • With Armoire Grow Guide and Concierge service, it’s as easy as plug, plant and water. 
  • Designed with autoflower seeds in mind, this system is getting massive yields in as little as 60 days!
  • Built with discretion in mind, each Armoire unit is built with a unique wood inspired finish in your choice of either cherry wood or barn board. 

Final Thoughts

What makes The Armoire different from other grow systems in the market is the fact that you are spending a couple of minutes each day checking and watering your plant, making this grow experience very intimate compared to other units who claim to be “fully automated”. 

After about 70 days, our plant was nearing harvest. We began the process of wet trimming and flushing the plant, helping the buds to get their last bit of growth by removing the excess fan leaf foliage while also cleaning out the buds of excess nutrients. This final step before harvest and drying gets the buds into their most potent and clean state, providing a tasty and enjoyable herb. 

Once the plant was flushed, we cut each stem and hung them in The Armoire, using the dry grow chamber to quickly and properly dehydrate our nugs.

Man, that first toke of dry, smokeable nug was incredible. The blackberry taste was clear and present, and the sticky resin and smell from handling the nugs just couldn’t get off our hands. We’re currently in the process of curing our herbs, and hope to have our harvest ready around 4/20 to share with friends.

We harvested just over a ¼ lb of pungent blackberry strain herbs. After trimming and drying in the unit for about 7 more days, we had an epic harvest on our hands. With the average price of cannabis buds being $10 per gram, and ¼ lb being 112 grams, that immediately gave us our return with The Armoire. 

After harvesting, you can start the process all over again! 

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