Putting the Soul in Solful: A Quality Cannabis Retail Experience

Over the last several years, there are more green crosses than pharmacies lining the streets of cities with legal weed. And hey, we’re not complaining. Cannabis retailers provide us with an array of medicinal, therapeutic, and recreational options. Yet, they’re certainly not created equal, and many are simply looking for their slice of the pie. 

Solful – a NorCal cannabis dispensary with locations in Santa Rosa and Sebastopol, CA – is not one of those retailers. They are one of those golden nuggets of the dispensary world. The kind of place where everybody knows your name. 

All About Solful

Solful was founded in 2017 with a mission to stand out amongst other dispensaries. They don’t want to rush customers hurriedly in and out, but instead, offer a one-of-a-kind experience. Employing top-notch budtenders with impressive cannabis knowledge was one thing, but they also wanted to learn from the customers walking through the door. 

We’re not yet at a place in cannabis research where a strain is perfectly prescribed for every condition or occasion. So, there’s extreme value in listening to what people have to say and cataloging this information for future use. If a patient comes in looking for the same strain they tried last week because it helped with insomnia, the Solful staff wants to recommend it to new customers. 

That’s the true essence of Solful’s mission. To lead a movement that brings cannabis into the mainstream conversation about the health of our bodies, spirits, and our ever-evolving culture. The foundation for this conversation begins with their first two locations, the content they freely provide, and through the products that line their store shelves. 

In fact, Solful offers free consultations at their locations or over the phone, including helping customers find and choose the right products. This isn’t a medical appointment, but their team of Health & Happiness consultants guide you through a selection process and answer any questions you might have about weed. The goal is to offer knowledge, resources, and product suggestions to help people understand how cannabis might fit into their lives. 

Values & Mission

Solful believes that cannabis has the power to cultivate health and happiness and that it can help people lead richer lives. They’ve seen it for themselves, in their family and friends, and amongst their staff. Not only is cannabis an excellent tool for recreation, but it fights illness, manages anxiety, and helps people dig into their creative wellsprings to bring new magic into the world. 

A big part of their mission is to dispel negative stereotypes about stoners and offer intelligent, accurate information to their community and beyond. As for the products they sell, only the best in the industry will suffice. Above all – Solful exists to meaningfully support the health and happiness of all their stakeholders to ensure a longstanding, successful organization that can continue to impact the lives of thousands of people. 

The Solful Standard

Solful has a handful of core beliefs that are the foundation for their operations. Each one of them feeds the other to create a truly best-in-class retail experience for all customers.

Know Your Producer

Solful doesn’t just buy up every strain that walks through their door. They trek to every farm and meet the growers. This is the best way to see the conditions surrounding every crop and meet the hardworking farmers bringing such beautiful flower to the market.

Stock Only the Best

The quality doesn’t stop at flower. Every edible, vape pen, topical, and more is a product that Solful staff would use or recommend to a loved one. There is nothing subpar on their shelves, and they stand by everything they stock. 

Personalized Education

You don’t have to schedule a consultation to get personal service. Every time you walk into Solful, you have the opportunity to ask questions about anything cannabis related. The educated staff is committed to helping you find the products that will best improve your life. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Suppose you get home to try your purchase and find that it’s not the right product for you after all. Bring it back, and the Solful staff will exchange or replace your items. Sometimes finding your perfect product takes a little experimentation, and their team is committed to getting it right. 

How Solful Sources Their Cannabis

Their customer service standards are high, but their dedication to conscious product sourcing is even higher. To begin, all of their flower is fully organic and sungrown in Northern California. They check out every single farm, inspecting the plants and learning about their regenerative farming practices. Solful chooses to collaborate with people and organizations who promote social and environmental initiatives that align with their mission and values. That means having the smallest impact on the land possible, while tending it in a way that preserves its integrity for decades to come.

As for other product categories, the same theories still apply. Quality first, but without sacrificing quantity of options. Whether looking for the best sleep aids or pain relief topicals for athletes, the goal is always to diversify in order to meet the needs of many people. However, the ingredients and production methods matter. The edibles are all free of artificial color and flavor, and the benchmarks for their vape pens exceed the state requirements. 

Lastly, Solful sources products made close to home. For them, that means supporting the brands and producers in the Emerald Triangle who have dedicated their lives to creating only the finest products on the market. 

Shop Solful

You can shop Solful online and opt for Express pickup or Delivery to select locations. To visit them in-store, head to Santa Rosa or Sebastopol 7 days a week from 10 am – 8 pm. As a thank you to their community, Solful offers 10% off to veterans and seniors. Bring your ID, and discounts are applied at checkout. 

If you have yet to visit Solful, now is the time. Cannabis retailers may seem like a dime a dozen, but once you have the Solful experience, you’ll be a loyal customer.

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