ProCannaGro The Ultimate Resource for Cannabis Growers

ProCannaGro: The Ultimate Resource for Cannabis Growers

Who is ProCannaGro?

Founding Team Members

ProCannaGro is a result of the efforts of Legendary Cannabis Figure Patrick Bilton. After fully experiencing the cannabis industry from it’s black market days until now, Patrick wanted to bring his growing experience and cannabis industry insights to all of the current cannabis growers. ProCannaGro curates cannabis growing supplies to be a one stop shop, whether you are growing a single plant at home or operate hundreds of acres of cannabis grow. 

Where does ProCannaGro Fit in The Cannabis Industry

ProCannaGro aims to provide the highest quality of growing and trimming cannabis supplies. Grow Lights, Grow Mediums, Trimming Supplies, & Nutrients have all been expertly curated by the PCG team to offer customers only the best the industry has to offer. 

Most “Cannabis Growing Supplies” are simply legal gardening tools, soils, and other manufactured goods rebranded as 420 friendly. Nutrient blends and soils will be optimized for cannabis plant growth instead of your standard vegetable blend. You can find everything you need to grow cannabis at home at your local home and gardening store. 

What Problems is ProCannaGro Solving for Cannabis Growers?

From our own experience, there really isn’t one online hydro store that truly carries everything you need for your cannabis growth. With ProCannaGro, you are getting a highly experienced team vetting and listing the best of the best natural pesticides, nutrients, trimmers, and other cannabis-growing goods. Fair prices & stellar reviews are what keeps us coming back to their cannabis growing supplies website. 

ProCannaGro Products

Debudder Bucket Lid

The Debudder Bucket Lid is one of two patented products owned and manufactured by ProCannaGro. This unique, high-quality ABS plastic device fits on any 5-gallon bucket (usually found at every grow operation). With the Debudder Bucket Lid, trimmers can now speed through the grueling process of trimming fresh cannabis buds from the plant stalk. 

Debudder Edge

The Debudder Edge is the second patented product under the ProCannaGro umbrella. This product provides up to 80% time savings and pays for itself within 30 minutes.  The Debudder Edge is a self-cleaning, no maintenance and virtually indestructible ABS device that comes with a lifetime warranty.  This manual bud trimmer easily outdoes the automated bud trimmers found on the market, requiring no electricity to operate while lightweight and portable.

ProCannaGro Partner Brands

PCG hosts several product lines in addition to the Debudder Bucket Lid and Debudder Edge.

NPK Industries

NPK Industries is a cannabis nutrient brand with the home grower in mind. NPK, or Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium, are the primary nutrients needed for any plant to grow. Packed in smaller sized packaging, NPK Industries carries microbes, nutrients and supplements, and other plant care products. Their most popular products come from their RAW Line. ProCannaGrow offers A Raw Variety Pack. It is a 2 oz package of 12 different RAW additives and amendments, perfect for any home grower requiring a variety of nutrients for their first couple of grows. These products include: Potassium, Calcium/Mag, Yucca, Humic Acid, Full-Up, Cane Molasses, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, B-Vitamin, OminA, Kelp and Silica.

Kalix CPN

Kalix CPN serves as a commercial plant nutrition provider, these products come in industrial sizes to service even the largest of commercial grows. Individual nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) are offered, along with solutions and blends of nutrients for every stage of a plant’s growth. Products also are produced in either a liquid or water soluble form, allowing the industrial grower to balance their blend perfectly.. Let your plants thrive with the nutrient boost that they need.

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