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Mana Artisan Botanics: Hawaiian Wellness With Hemp Botanicals

Mana Botanics is a Hawaiian Based CBD Wellness Brand. The team at Mana sources many of their craft Hawaiian ingredients from their own Regenerative Farm or from local Hawaiian farmers. Mana Botanics truly brings together the Hawaiin Ethos with Plant-Based Medicines. 

Who is Mana Botanics?

Mana Botanics is the expression of wellness from founders Steve Sakala and Shimyrre Britt. Steve has been an advocate for cannabis and plant medicines for over 25 years, even working with famed cannabis advocate Jack Herer to help pass California’s first medical cannabis initiative in 1992. 

Shimyrre aims to bring her extended training in holistic nutrition and traditional plant medicine to the unique products that Mana Crafts. Holding a degree as a Holistic Healthcare Practitioner. 

What is the Company’s Mission/Ethos?

“At Mana, a deep desire is shared among us all for wholesome, healthful living with a commitment to regenerative agriculture, the local economy, and holistic health education.”

In this mission, the Mana Botanics team is focused on the environment that “aspires to be a force of good” in the hemp industry and in all they do.

Where is Mana Botanics Based?

Mana Botanics Honaunau Farm

Mana Botanics is based out of the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. The Honaunau Farm is the birthplace of Mana Botanics and is located in the foothills of the Mauna Loa Volcano. Its proximity to the volcano gives the land-rich minerals ideal for growing herbs some of which are used in Mana products. 

What Herbs/Plants are Homegrown on the Honaunau Farm?

Honaunau Farm was a macadamia nut farm in the 80s and 7.5 acres of the land are still a multitude of macadamia nut trees. The farm has two plantain varieties as well as sixteen different varieties of bananas. Other fruit trees include eight kinds of avocados, dragon fruit, star fruit, fig, citrus, papaya, and more. Several varieties of bamboo also grow on Honaunau Farm. Additionally, herbs and spices are in abundance including cinnamon, nutmeg, basil, rosemary, and others. 

The turmeric, passionflower, and comfrey used in Mana products are also cultivated on the Honaunau Farm.

Where does Mana Botanics Source Other Ingredients?

Mana Botanics uses ingredients they grow at the Honaunau Farm or locally sourced ingredients wherever possible. Any ingredient sourced off of the farm is organic and sustainably farmed. The macadamia nut oil, honey, and cinnamon used are all sourced from the Big Island. Whereas hemp oil is sustainably grown in the sunshine of Colorado and is pesticide and chemical-free.

What Makes Mana Botanics Unique

Mana Botanics believes in Ho’Ohana, or the value of worthwhile work and working with intention and purpose. This shows in not only the quality of their products but also in the programs they are passionate about.

Regenerative Farming

Regenerative farming is agriculture that uses a rehabilitation and conservation approach to growing. Practices such as composting, topsoil regeneration, and increasing biodiversity are used to strengthen the soil. This is opposed to other farming methods that rely on chemicals and other additives to support growth.

The Honaunau Farm has been in the Mana Bonatics family since 2007. In the last 13 years, the farm has boasted thousands of guests offering a community to find nourishment and learn about wellness and regenerative agriculture.

Plastic Negative Initiative

Mana Botanics Plastic Negative Initiative

Mana Botanics already has a small plastic footprint with very little plastic used in their packaging. However, their team wanted to make a much larger impact by protecting the planet from harmful plastic waste. 

Plastic Negative” is the term used to describe a person or company that offsets their use of plastic. In an effort to become Plastic Negative, Mana Botanics has joined a One-for-One program in partnership with rePurpose Global. What this means is for every Mana Botanics product sold, 1lb of nature bound plastic is eliminated.

Mana Up Program

The Mana Up Program is an initiative aimed at Hawaii’s economic development. 73 companies applied to the program, and Mana Botanics was one of the 11 companies chosen to participate in the 12-week accelerator program. The vision of Mana Up is to spur real economic growth for the Hawaiian community. The program specifically chooses companies that support authentic Hawaiian culture, like Mana Botanics.

What Products Does Mana Botanic Craft?

All Mana Botanics products are sustainably crafted and made to help consumers achieve overall wellness through the use of plants and herbs.


Mana Botanics Hemp Topicals

Mana Botanics offers three different CBD topicals: Hawaiian CBD Balm: Plantain & Comfrey, CBD Massage Oil: Hemp Concentrate, Hemp Body Oil: Lavender, Sandalwood & Copaiba. Each topical is created with organic products and delivers phytocannabinoids.


Mana Botanics Turmeric Hemp Oil

The Mana Botanics CBD tinctures come in one year-round flavor and two limited-edition varieties. Their Hawaiian CBD Oil: Turmeric & Vanilla is available year-round and comes in varied strengths depending on consumers’ needs.


Mana Botanics Hawaiian Hemp Honey

Mana Botanics curate their Hawaiian Hemp Honey using a blend of raw, organic Lehua and Wilelaiki honey. Each tub is a small batch and infused with phytocannabinoid-rich hemp.


Mana Botanics Hemp Dark Chocolate

Did someone say dark chocolate? Mana Botanics creates several different hemp and dark chocolate bars. Their Hemp Dark Chocolate bar is 72% dark chocolate and contains 100mg of cannabinoids and is topped off with Hawaiian Sea Salt. Their Hemp Dark Chocolate: Macadamia Nut & Sea Salt comes in a bar with 100mg of cannabinoids or a square with 40mg of cannabinoids. Both are made with 72% dark chocolate.


Mana Botanics Hemp Pet Drops

Because pets are part of the family too, Mana Botanics has Hemp Pet Drops with Turmeric. Just like you, your furry friends can receive all the wellness and relief from hemp and turmeric. This tincture is made with human-grade MCT coconut oil and boasts a peanut butter flavor your pet is sure to enjoy!

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