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The Best Places To Get Cannabis In Long Beach

As one of the OG boomtowns in the cannabis industry, Long Beach is the place to go for all things cannabis and hemp related; but where are the best places to get cannabis in Long Beach? The LBC is overflowing with cannabis distributor options, from backyard farmers to trendy new dispensaries. While it’s nice to have choices, the amount of places to choose from can get pretty overwhelming, especially if you’re just looking to chill out with some of Mother Nature’s best medicine. As residents and longtime friends of the trees, we’re here to help you find the best places to get cannabis in Long Beach so you don’t have to hurt your eyes scrolling through a tedious amount of returns in your search. 

Long Beach has always had dank weed supported by a thriving (what was once underground) cannabis culture. The city’s position in the industry is so solid, in fact, that when the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) announced it had awarded almost $100 million in grant funding through its Local Jurisdiction Assistance Grant Program, Long Beach was included in the list of grant money recipients. Long Beach received $3,934,733 in funding intended to turn the high number of provisional cannabis licenses across the state into annual licenses. The city has also stated that they will use a portion of the DCC grant to improve application website design and applicant training. 

What does this mean for Long Beach cannabis? We hope it means that the thriving cannabis industry will be even more bolstered thanks to this increase of financial support. 

What does this mean for you? It means you can find top-notch flower and other cannabis products more easily than ever, especially if you know where to look. The best places to get Cannabis in Long Beach are not only places that have the highest-quality selection, but the best customer service, the strongest ties to the LBC community, multiple fulfillment options (delivery, curbside, in-store), and a positive reputation for providing lab-tested, trustworthy products that give you the exact effects you’re looking for. 

With these standards in mind, it is without a doubt that King’s Crew is one of the best places to get cannabis in Long Beach. They offer flower and pre-rolls, vape pens, CBD and topicals, the best edibles in Long Beach, as well as merch and apparel

As one of the best places to get cannabis in Long Beach, King’s Crew is a full-service licensed, legal dispensary offering a wide selection of products for both medical and recreational cannabis consumers. Their staff is ready to offer a personalized experience tailored to your needs, or to simply leave you alone as you browse in wonder over all the top-shelf items. At King’s Crew, they aim to make you feel like royalty, so they make sure to provide the exact cannabis experience (and cannabis shopping experience) that you want. 

“We provide a premium customer shopping experience with our beautiful, contemporary retail space, caring and knowledgeable staff, and a wide selection of only the finest compliant cannabis products on the market,” says the crew of cannabis experts. “We’re conveniently located on Pacific Coast Highway and 7th Street, and offer accessible on-site parking and a Royalty Rewards program to gain points towards future purchases. Our mission is to provide our customers an inviting cannabis retail experience with excellence in customer service and product selection to make you feel like royalty.”
If you’re looking for the best of the best places to get cannabis in Long Beach, King’s Crew is for you. You can find them on PCH & 7th Street with a robust menu of edibles, vapes, topicals, badder, flower, prerolls and more! Check them out online at for their full product menu.

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