Jetty Extracts: Premium Cannabis with Community Care

Who are Jetty Extracts?

Jetty Extracts was founded in 2013 by Ron, Matt, and Nate, three guys passionate about surfing and quality cannabis products. Starting in San Diego, Jetty’s main focus was creating innovative craft cannabis products while adhering to the laws and guidelines set forth by the state of California. 

Pictured; Nate Ferguson holding some premium Jetty Cannabis

Top-notch extracts and surfing aren’t the only passions driving the team behind Jetty’s products; music, art, politics, and cannabis business practices all contribute to the unique hands-on feel that they provide their customer base. The passion for their craft has led to a 13,000 sq. ft. headquarters located in Oakland, California, and a sales and marketing office located where it all started in sunny San Diego. Jetty Extracts continues to push the boundaries of innovation in the cannabis space, using the industry’s latest technologies to advance its product line to new heights.

Who is the Team Behind Jetty?

Ron, Matt, and Nate laid the foundation for Jetty, but with their innovation and hard work that led to expanding their facilities, the need for a larger team grew accordingly. With about 100 employees currently on the Jetty crew, the vision of quality craft cannabis products has remained the same due to the amazing company culture established and maintained through a communal passion for cannabis. Their success has allowed for the pursuit of other passions for community service. Jetty founded and operates The Shelter Project, a standalone non-profit that provides free cannabis to cancer patients to help cope with the condition and treatment process. The passion for cannabis extends beyond the scope of expansion and profit, and they have used their industry success to give back through non-profit work as well as political activism for cannabis reform.

Jetty Shelter Project

The Shelter Project is a standalone non-profit run by Jetty Extracts, which felt called to act and aid people fighting their battle with cancer. Starting in 2014, the project has been met with some hurdles due to the passing of Prop 64, but in 2019 legislation was passed making it easier for cannabis compassion programs to operate. Since its inception, Jetty’s shelter project has helped over 1000 people with plans to help many more. The program will be adding more dispensary partners in the coming years to expand their reach and help cancer patients who rely on cannabis for quality of life.

What Products Does Jetty Extracts Craft?

Jetty’s product line covers anything an avid consumer of cannabis concentrates could want. From solventless offerings to infused pre-rolls and everything in between, Jetty has made a conscious effort to have something available for almost every type of consumer.

Jetty Solventless Vape

Officially launched to 100 dispensaries this past September, Jetty’s solventless vape line brings a true craft and clean product to their current line of cartridges. Extracted using only ice, water, heat, and pressure, these cartridges yield solvent-free live rosin that is then purified for the highest possible THC content and flavor. Their proprietary process allows them to remove impurities that would normally cause flavor and potency degradation, two drawbacks experienced in the solventless vape category until now. Jetty offers its solventless vape line in PAX pods as well as a premium 510 threaded cartridge.  

Jetty Unrefined Live Resin

Jetty’s 100% live resin line is available in several delivery methods to tend to specific consumer needs. They have PAX pods, 510 cartridges, live sugar, live badder, live diamonds, and Dablicators filled with live resin. Long story short, they’ve got what you need in the live resin department. Jetty’s unrefined live resin is pure, uncut, and never distilled, preserving their strains’ natural terpene content and potency. 

Jetty High THC

Extracted in Jetty’s lab in Oakland, California, from sun-grown cannabis, their High THC vape line is excellent for on-the-go consumption. Their high potency and cannabis-derived terpenes make for a pleasurable experience for those who give them a try. This particular line of vapes from Jetty is offered in both PAX pods and premium 510 threaded cartridges.

Jetty Infused Prerolls 

Jetty’s infused preroll line pairs flower and concentrate combinations intentionally to highlight the wonderful qualities of each strain. They offer infused prerolls in singles, three packs, and five packs. They use flowers from small-batch farms to ensure quality and find awesome pairings for their unrefined live resin and solventless rosin they use to infuse within the joint.  

Jetty Concentrates

Jetty’s concentrates are all created in small batches by a tight-knit group of extractors dedicated to their craft. They offer live resin sugar, live resin diamonds, live resin badder, and live rosin. Covering almost every major category of concentrates, Jetty’s craft approach ensures a quality product for their loved customers.

Dablicator Oil Applicator

The Dablicator is a better way to dispense cannabis concentrates. It can be used to dab, dose up some flowers in a bowl, seal a joint, but it’s used. Consumers should feel confident knowing that it is filled with quality craft cannabis extract made by people passionate about their line of work. Jetty offers their Dablicators filled with live resin or their high THC distillate. 

Jetty Reserve 

Jetty Reserve is Nate Ferguson and the extract team’s passion project where they push the boundaries on available cannabinoids. By doing so, they can create truly limited and unique offerings for the passionate cannabis consumer who is looking to be on the cutting edge with the industry greats.  

Jetty Product Review

I smoked the Jetty Solventless Papaya Indica cartridge. My first impression of the cart was positive for the natural texture of the wood tip, followed by a smooth hit. There was no harsh stinging in the lungs that can come from some vapes.

Since this cart was a predominately Indica strain, I smoked in the evening and before bed. I am still healing from surgery and have had some troubles sleeping from lingering nerve pain. The first night after smoking the vape, I slept so well! My body was relaxed, which allowed me to be comfortable enough to finally sleep for more than 4 hours – and without any pain killers, which I don’t like to take nightly. Now I have been smoking my vape every night and sleeping better, which has allowed my post-surgery pain to decrease. 

Recommend the Jetty Indica to anyone looking to get relaxed with a tranquil body high. 

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