Ganjarunner: Statewide Cannabis Delivery in California

Trying to get weed delivered to you in California? Read Ganjarunner's brand profile to learn more about statewide delivery services.

Ganjarunner is a popular weed delivery service covering the vast majority of the state of California. Offering a highly curated menu of brands and products, Ganjarunner has something for every cannabis enthusiast—from top-rated edibles to the new Pabst Labs Infused Cannabis Seltzer. With fast delivery times, low prices, and great daily deals, Ganjarunner is charging into the cannabis delivery industry at full speed. 

Common Problems with Cannabis Delivery 

Weed delivery in California can be a touchy subject. While the state has legalized retail cannabis, some counties and cities have chosen to still enforce a ban on retail cannabis operations. This means that many people in these “dry” towns are reliant on cannabis delivery services to bring their orders to their homes. 

Delivery services that resemble UberEats and Postmates seem like the perfect next step for the industry. However, there are still a few road bumps that many services struggle with. 

Keeping to delivery times is one thing. While delivery services say they are speedy, most drivers take over an hour to finally deliver the buds to your doorstep. On top of the timing issues, there are usually tacked on delivery fees, along with state taxes, which can really drive the price up on the delivery order. 

Choosing the right delivery service is key to making sure you can order cannabis products that will be delivered quickly, come at a fair price, and satisfy your high. 

The Ganjarunner Difference

Ganjarunner has several key features that set them apart from the rest of the services in California.

Estimated Delivery Times

Ganjarunner offers delivery within 60-minutes, and you have the option to schedule next-day delivery according to your schedule. Ganjarunner has effectively streamlined the delivery process by making it as easy as the click of a button. 

Delivery Costs

Ganjarunner always has daily, weekly, and monthly specials on site. From pre-roll BOGO deals to heavily discounted vape products, Ganjarunner is able to offer hundreds of cannabis products at some of the most competitive prices around. They also send frequent emails and SMS blasts to their insider list to highlight customer discounts available. 

For their first-time customer discount, visit their VIP Delivery page here.

Product Availability

Ganjarunner carries a wide selection of over 300 products to choose from from the top brands available in California. Depending on your location and the inventory available, Ganjarunner should be able to fill all of your cannabis needs. Their featured and popular brands are highlighted front and center along with daily, weekly, & monthly discounts. 

With new cannabis brands always being added to the menu, Ganjarunner keeps a massive catalog of affordably priced products.

Where Does Ganjarunner Deliver?

Ganjarunner services 92% of California, including major areas like Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Bay Area. With several strategic distribution locations, Ganjarunner is able to quickly serve you in any part of the Golden State. 

With some counties & towns hindering and blocking the opening of local dispensaries, Ganjarunner has stepped in to provide easy-to-use and fast delivery services for those “dry” areas like Fresno and Sacramento. 

Due to California Laws, Ganjarunner cannot deliver to publicly owned lands such as government buildings or offices, parks, or schools. All deliveries must be to a physical address within the state of California.

What Products & Brands Does GanjaRunner Carry?

Pabst Labs

Ganajrunner has recently partnered with Pabst Labs to bring us the incredible Pabst Blue Ribbon Cannabis-Infused Seltzer. If you have been itching to try a cannabis beverage, what better opportunity than the new fizz from the PBR team. 

Pure Vape

Pure Vape is exactly as the name implies, pure unadulterated cannabis vape carts. Crafted with triple distilled oil, all of Pure’s products are pure, organic, and 100% solvent-free.

Tommy Chong’s Cannabis

Far Out Man. The legendary cannabis culture icon has finally stepped into the game. Tommy Ching has officially launched his own line of cannabis products for our enjoyment. Tommy recently had a role in the recent Nicolas Cage Lovecraftian horror film, The Color Out of Space. He played a hippie living on the family’s property and was for sure smoking some of his own supply. 

King’s Garden

Ganjarunner carries King’s Garden flower varieties as well as their shatter concentrate products. Right now you “Mix-N-Match” and receive a discount at checkout for purchasing multiple varieties of King’s Garden Products. 


Carrying a cavalcade of strains and flavors, Stiiizy has rocketed to become one of the most premium brands in the cannabis industry, Stiiizy has carved a name for itself as the leading vape product brand. Their vape carts are always smooth and tasty, giving you just the right amount of effectiveness. 


Canndescent doesn’t rely on strain names to sell its products. Instead, Canndescent has taken the approach of giving consumers the desired outcomes they are looking for. With names like Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect, and Charge, a consumer can easily identify what product is right for their needs.


Crafted from premium fresh frozen flowers, Cresco’s liquid live resin preserves the unique cannabinoid and terpene profiles of the living cultivar, providing maximum aroma, potency and flavor. Cresco offers a variety of strains and vape carts for your dabbing pleasure. 

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