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Elevated Wellness CBD: Hemp Wellness from Pharmacists

Elevated Wellness was founded by a team of pharmacists to bring a natural alternative solution to the usual pharmaceutical drugs on the market. Elevated Wellness fully understands the desire to feel better without consuming harmful chemicals; thus they performed extensive research to provide consumers with the best quality products.

Elevated Wellness is the number one choice for safe and natural CBD products. They have a diverse product selection and only carry organic and natural products. Their strict quality standards are what make their products the best on the market.

“Elevated Wellness is taking a clinical approach to the world of cannabis, and through safe practices and third-party testing, increasing the efficiency of the product and delivering a safe product to our patients and consumers.” – Elevatedmd.com

The Neon Joint Team had the chance to chat with Daniel Britt, Marketing Manager/Pharmacy Operations, and Ross Anderson, Lead Manager/Product Curator of the Elevated Wellness Management Team to discuss their brand and their products. 

What experience does your team bring to the organization?

The team at Elevated Wellness comes from a very diverse background. From pharmaceutical manufacturing and compliance to cannabis farming and processing. The team at Elevated has the knowledge and industry experience to truly craft medical-grade CBD products.

Where is Elevated Wellness based?


Based in Austin, Texas, the Elevated Wellness team is proud to call the Lone Star State home. While CBD may be more accessible and acceptable to the left-leaning denizens of Austin, there is still a big stigma attached to using CBD & Cannabis throughout the state. 

Daniel: “Austin is a bubble. Luckily there are areas in Texas like Austin, where we have more progressive physicians, doctors, and so forth, who are running pain management organizations and driving people to try new things rather than just jumping to opioids and opiates.”

How does the team’s medical background help a CBD company?

Elevated products are made by pharmacists and tested by doctors, making them the leading medical professional recommended topical pain relief products on the market. The team’s experience in the medical and pharmaceutical industry gives them a unique advantage over other brands. Their team can truly understand the research on cannabis and CBD and apply their learning to crafting new products and truly being able to recommend CBD for patients. 

What role do pharmacists and doctors play as cannabis goes mainstream? 

Daniel: “As leaders in the space, it’s our job to see what the research is showing and altering advice to make it [CBD] for specific ailments or specific dosages for this specific thing. I think it takes people like us to educate. Normally doctors are more focused on other things. So they rely on people, like our team, to educate and shine a light on what CBD can be.

We want to come in and we want to show them how people are fudging this up. And fudging the numbers and what to look for so that you do not get duped, and that you’re selling a clean product. That is actually what it says it is. So I think they should play a pretty vital role as CBD becomes more widely accepted.”

Is CBD legal in Texas?

Since the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018. Hemp and its derivative CBD are technically legal in all 50 states. To pass the level of legality, the hemp biomass must have a THC level lower than .03%.

How are you helping break the Cannabis/CBD stigma in Texas?

Daniel: We are seeing a move in that direction for sure, even in Texas. There is a fight to be had here, not just with the citizens, but also with the government, who are currently trying to make local forms of hemp illegal. They haven’t fully succeeded and we’re hoping that it doesn’t come to fruition.”

What is the difference between Broad Spectrum CBD & CBD Isolate?

Daniel: “Well, one of the other points that we make to these wholesalers, doctors, and pharmacists, is with the differences and the difference being CBD isolate is it is only CBD. No other cannabinoids are present. Broad-spectrum would be an array of other cannabinoids, like CBG, CBN, and CBC, but 0% THC. And then full spectrum being just like broad. But with that 0.3% THC which is allowed in Texas.”

Ross: “When people come into my store, I offer free consultations. That’s simply to find out what their interest is in taking cannabis-infused products. And then once I can hear them out and understand where they’re coming from, I have a better idea of which option was going to work best for them. Having that option makes sense, but also educating people on what happens when you’re removing parts from these extracts, from these plants, ultimately forcing other avenues to work harder and have less help, which does ultimately make a difference.”

But then you also get into what cannabinoids are in there? Is this person looking for something that’s going to sedate them? Or do they want something that’s going to be more of a stimulating effect? We already know that isolates by itself, CVV, at least. So you can get isolated THC, you can get isolated CBG, etc… But when it comes to CBD, we know it’s more stimulating. So if someone’s just looking for a little bit of stress relief or just minor inflammation issues and things of that nature, then you don’t want something that’s potentially going to drag them down during their job and so forth. I might just be the right answer for them.”

What Products does Elevated Wellness create?

Full Spectrum CBD Pain Cream

PharMD Pain Cream 400mg

Elevated Wellness’ Full Spectrum CBD Pain Cream is crafted locally in Austin, TX in Elevated Wellness’ state of the art, USDA approved sterile labs. These pain creams are the first to combine a revolutionary proprietary liposomal base, allowing for your skin to immediately absorb the active ingredients.

Daniel: “Our pain cream is sort of something we like to pat ourselves on the back for because our compounding pharmacy, our specialty, is topical pain creams that are going to be for knee joint pains and things of that nature.”

“So the base that it is in is truly liposomal. The company that we get it through has done many, many clinical trials to show how great it is pushing the active ingredients deep down in, through the skin, into the tissue for maximum relief. Topical absorption is difficult to achieve and our base offers better absorption. So I think having our pharmacy connections with the market we’re able to create these products that would normally not be able to be made because the ingredients need licenses and things of that nature for operating in a compounding pharmacy.”

CBD for Relaxation – Terpene Infused CBD Tincture


Created from the Grand Daddy Purple strain, this broad & full spectrum tincture is an Indica dominant infusion for getting ultimate relaxation. 

CBD for Energy – Terpene Infused CBD Tincture


Crafted with energy-packed terpenes, this Ghost Train Haze Sativa CBD blend is highlighted to kickstart your mojo for a productive and energetic day. 

CBD for Focus – Terpene Infused CBD Tincture


Available in Full or Broad Spectrum crafted formulas, these terpene-infused tinctures deliver a rich dose of full-spectrum cannabinoids and phytocannabinoids. 

Daniel: So there’s going to be terpenes that help you with focus or that help you with relaxation that is put into the formula. They’re all kosher, natural terpene extractions that Ross was able to find and sort of vet out. We’ve been able to elevate our products to a sense, no pun intended.”

CBD Sleep Aid – With Melatonin


Elevated Wellness Sleep Aid is still in the product development stages, but Ross was able to give us a sneak peek as to what is in the works…

Ross: “It’s going to be essentially a broad-spectrum extract with melatonin, the same level of melatonin and quality, but then also with a fact-based blend of terpenes and near 600 milligrams of CBD.”

Neon Joint will keep you updated on when Elevated launches this new product. We can’t wait!

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