DIMO Hemp Delta-8 THC: Get Ready for Blast Off

First there was Delta-9 THC. We know it and love it as the primary cannabinoid that gets us high when smoking weed. Then, there was the 2018 Farm Bill that changed everything. This bill allowed the sale and distribution of products made with industrial hemp. Initially, the CBD market exploded with just about every kind of commodity you could imagine. Grocery stores, gas stations, and farmers markets exploded with CBD-infused body care, food products, supplements, and beverages. 

However, CBD would soon share the limelight with other hemp-derived cannabinoids as they emerged in the market. Some were synthetic, others were extracted. Many even got you high in an almost indistinguishable manner from Delta-9 THC. One brand, Dimo Hemp, has been at the helm of launching one innovative hemp-derived product after another, featuring cannabinoids you may not have heard of yet. 

Let’s take a glimpse at Dimo Hemp and their line of vape pens, extracts, pre-rolls, and edibles infused with Delta-8. Delta-10, THC-O, and more. 

Who is Dimo Hemp?

Dimo Hemp is a one-stop shop for any kind of hemp-based cannabinoid you could imagine. Based in Southern California, Dimo produces vape cartridges, disposables, edibles, extracts, and pre-rolls—made entirely from hemp derivatives. They take great care in sourcing their material, and the scientists in the lab work diligently to procure the purest cannabinoids on the market. All of their products are created in a GMP-certified facility and third-party tested. 

What THC Products Does Dimo Hemp Produce?

Dimo Hemp holds itself to a stringent standard of quality control. Upholding high standards and quality, Dimo Hemp has been the first brand to come to market with several Delta-8 products. Soon after, they launched several popular Delta-10 and Delta-9 products before branching off into alternative and novel cannabinoid blends. 

Delta-8 THC Products by Dimo

Dimo’s flagship cannabinoid was Delta-8, and they did it right. Still their most comprehensive cannabinoid in the lineup, you can’t go wrong with a nice smooth high from Delta-8. It’s milder than Delta-9 but will still get you stoned to the bone. Try it out and see why Dimo has become the most highly sought Delta-8 provider online. 

Delta-8 Pre-Rolls

These joints are packed with CBD flower and generously coated with Delta-8 oil & CBD kief. These joints are tasty, sticky, and will make you feel all the benefits of Delta-8. Furthermore, the pre-roll joints are packaged in a glass container for maximum freshness. These pre-rolls were the first of their kind in the market, and boy, do they stand out. Feel yourself rocketing towards the moon when you toast up on one of these. 

Delta-8 Cartridges & Delta-8 Disposables

Delta-8 cartridges are pure, premium live resin with incredible strain offerings like Gelato, and Mimosa. Prepare for takeoff. Don’t keep a vape battery around? Dimo has a disposable option for you. This Orange colored disposable vape sure packs a lot of Delta-8 punch. Smooth hitting, this disposable lasts a few hundred hits and will definitely leave you feeling elevated. 

Delta-8 Gummies

Dimo Hemp has taken a classic candy treat to new highs. What’s not to love about a fruity, juicy gummy candy? Dimo knocks it out of the park with their incredible lineup of D8 gummies. Check out classics like rainbow belts, sour peach rings, and gummy worms. Or, branch out and opt for a green apple, mango, or blue raspberry belt.

Delta-8 Distillate

Calling all dabbers! Delta-8 distillate is for the purist that wants to get lifted. Distillate is one of the most highly concentrated kinds of extract out there, and Dimo’s Delta-8 varieties are no exception. They offer a pure, unflavored distillate that you can dab, top on a bowl, or add to your dab pen. Or, try out one of their premium strains, like OG Kush.

Delta-9 THC Products by Dimo

You might wonder why Delta-9 is on this list since it’s typically the dominant cannabinoid in marijuana. Well, we mentioned the 2018 Farm Bill but left out one stipulation. All hemp products must contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC to maintain legality. That also means they can contain up to 0.3% Delta-9 THC so long as it’s hemp-derived. So, Dimo carved out a space in this killer catalog for hemp-derived Delta-9 gummies. Try them out in seven sweet and sour flavors.

Delta-10 THC Products by Dimo

Delta-10 is like the Sativa to Delta-8’s Indica. It’s milder and more energetic while offering a therapeutic buzz perfect for medical or recreational use. Dimo offers this pleasant and easy cannabinoid as a cartridge or disposable vape pen so you can puff on D10 anytime you like. 

Dimo Hemp’s Newest Cannabinoid Products

There are several novel cannabinoids on the market, and Dimo was the first to launch several of them. Many of these cannabinoids are naturally occurring but require a little extra extraction work to make enough to infuse their product lines. Check out what these cannabinoids are known for and see how you can try them. 

HHC, HHC-O, and HHC-P Products by Dimo

These three HHC cannabinoids might not sound very weed-like, but they are quickly gaining popularity for their slightly stony effects. HHC is less potent than Delta-9 but still offers similar effects like relieving pain, reducing anxiety, and mild euphoria. HHC-O takes it up a notch in potency with the addition of the added acetic acids (hence the “O”). The effects are similar to HHC, but the high comes on faster and is more intense. HHC-P has been known to bind to endocannabinoid receptors much stronger than the other two varieties, so the effects are further amplified. 

To get a feel for pure HHC, try out their HHC pre-rolls and HHC gummies. To check out HHC-O and HHC-P, explore Dimo’s Looper products. They offer a Melted Series and a Lifted Series with blended cannabinoids in the convenience of a vape pen. 

THC-O and THC-P Products by Dimo

THC variants have us wondering how this is even legal. Yet, it is! Hemp-derived THC-O and THC-P are not for lightweights. In fact, THC-O is believed to be three times more potent than Delta-9, leaving users feeling absolutely blissed out. In large doses, users report near psychedelic effects. THC-P bonds well with our endocannabinoid receptors, even more so than Delta-9. However, it’s not as strong as THC-O, so it hovers somewhere between the two. 

All of Dimo’s THC-O and THC-P products come in the above-mentioned Melted and Lifted series blends. For example, you can try them out alongside HHC in a Lifted Series Blue Gusherz Live Resin vape cartridge. And there are so many more! Dimo does not shy away from a challenge, and they’ve worked hard to find the best blends to get you perfectly lifted while still maintaining that 0.3% or less THC status. 

Where to Find Dimo

Dimo Hemp products are exclusively available online. Head to their website and shop the entire collection. For more information, check out their blog. It has tons of great information about these novel cannabinoids, how they compare, and what kind of effects you can expect. Enter their monthly giveaway and win their newest product to the lineup – Melted Series Pre-Rolls. Get ready to blast off!

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