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how ketamine is made

How Ketamine is Made: Everything You Need to Know

Ketamine is a versatile compound that acts as an anesthetic, analgesic, and potent, fast-acting antidepressant in medical settings. When used recreationally, it produces powerful psychedelic and dissociative effects. Similar to the manufacturing of LSD, the synthesis of ketamine is not an easy task and the starting materials are difficult to obtain. For these reasons, clandestine …

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funny drug test memes

30 Best Drug Test Memes

You’ve landed your dream job. It’s literally perfect. One of those “I can’t believe they picked me” moments is happening, and then you hear those dirty words come out of the hiring manager’s mouth, “We just need you to take a drug test before you start.” A what now? Seriously?! In 2022? Uh huh, panic …

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dmt extraction

DMT Extraction: Behind the Scientific Process

DMT, or N,N-dimethyltryptamine, is a tryptamine alkaloid widely known as the Spirit Molecule, due to the incredible spiritual profundity of the short psychedelic experience it produces. It resides naturally within the cell walls of various psychoactive plants and inside the pineal gland deep within the center of our brains. No matter the route of administration, …

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best CBD memes

30 Best CBD Memes

We all know by now that CBD has some pretty incredible benefits. From relieving aches and pains to helping you get a better night sleep, what’s not to love? CBD is also known to relieve stress, and well, life can be stressful. Why not dump a bucket of CBD oil on everything and see how …

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