Green Wednesday: Cannabis Discount Day

You’ve heard of Black Friday, but we’re going to do you one better; Green Wednesday. Like Black Friday, this special day is based around Thanksgiving, but it takes place on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, as the name gives away. On this day, every year since cannabis businesses have become legal, cannabis sales skyrocket (falling second only to 4/20). It seems some people really need help getting through those family dinners! 

With such a significant increase in cannabis sales, businesses found that this day is the perfect time for their best deals. So, every Wednesday before Thanksgiving, cannabis businesses across the country prepare for the influx in sales by giving their patrons some of the greatest deals we’ll see all year. 

Green Wednesday has turned into the Black Friday of the cannabis industry. It is not just in-person cannabis sales who get the Green Wednesday deals. Online cannabis sales also increase that day, and online cannabis retailers provide similar sales to those you would find in person. It’s like Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined! 

Green Wednesday Beginnings 

While it seems likely that the Green Wednesday tradition would have started shortly after legal cannabis businesses came to be, it’s hard to pinpoint precisely when the surge in cannabis sales on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving began. 

But its name, Green Wednesday, is widely believed to have been originally made up in 2016 by a cannabis delivery service after the owners started to take notice of their increase in sales on that day. More and more cannabis businesses caught on to the custom of business surges on that day, especially since 2018. In the past three or so years, cannabis sales on Green Wednesday have continued to increase from the previous year, and 2021 is expected to continue that pattern. With that increase in sales, cannabis retailers decided to take the opportunity to further increase business by setting up great deals on that day. 

Best Green Wednesday Deals 

  1. Flow Kana
  2. The Bloom Brands
  3. Greenrush
  4. Pilgrim Soul
  5. Dimo

1: Flow Kana

Delivery Range: LA, SD, Bay Area, SF, Oakland, San Jose

Deal #1:

Flow Kana Farmer's Reserve

Farmer’s Reserve: $99 for a Half Ounce!

There has never been a more affordable way to try the ultimate expression of Emerald Triangle cannabis. Experience the sun-grown difference: Flavor-filled terpenes, face-melting THC, and a supporting cast of minor cannabinoids that team up to deliver a rich and satisfying experience that only sun-grown weed can deliver. 

Normal Price: $168

Your Price: $99

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Deal #2:

Flow Kana Thanksgiving deals

Thanksgiving Baked Sale: 60% Off!

Gobble up incredible deals on Flow Kana Gold, Flow Kana Silver, pre rolls, and Caldera’s live resin diamonds, sugar, and sauce. 

Get this Deal!

2: Bloom Brands

Bloom Vapes

Delivery Range: LA, SD, Bay Area, SF, Oakland, San Jose

Green Wednesday Deals:

Your taste buds deserve a great high this holiday season too. Make sure you taste the terps with Bloom’s classic strains. The more you spend, the more you save on Bloom Direct this Green Wednesday. Experience maximum flavor, and stock up with these online deals.

  • Save 20% on Orders Over $150
  • Save 35% on Orders Over $200
  • Save 50% on Orders Over $320

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3: Greenrush

Delivery Range: SF, Sacramento



  • Jeeter 20% OFF
  • Smarty Plants: 20% OFF
  • Couchlock Quarter Ounce: $20 OFF
  • Preroll w/ every order *(Wednesday and Friday ONLY)
  • **do not specify strain – will have different strains on different days


  • Bloom 25% OFF
  • Jeeter Juice 25% OFF (Saturday)
  • Stiiizy Og Pods: 25% OFF
  • Stiiizy CDT/Live Pods: 15% OFF
  • Stiiizy Concentrates: 25% OFF


  • Wyld: 25% OFF
  • 20% OFF HIFI Hops
  • CANN Cranberry Sage: 30% off
  • POTLI: 20% OFF
  • Buy 2 Get 1 Kiva Terra Chocolates

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4: Pilgrim Soul

Delivery Range: LA, SD, Bay Area, SF, Oakland, San Jose

Pilgrim Soul Creative Collection

Green Wednesday Deals:

Exclusive blends of top creative strains formulated to enhance creative thinking. Reviewed as “One of the most exciting new cannabis products in California!”

30% Off Creative Strains & Blends

Get this Deal!

5: Dimo


Tiered Green Wednesday Discounts:

Stock up on premium Delta-8 products for customers outside of California, or for those looking for that mellow, enjoyable high. Try the kief-covered pre-rolls, or the sleek vapes from Dimo, and don’t forget about their new distillate for all the dabbers. This rocket fuel will help you get to the moon in no time.

  • Spend $75 Save 25%
  • Spend $150 Save 30%
  • Spend $200 Save 40%

Get this Deal!

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