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Live Rosin 101: A Cannasseur’s Concentrate

You may have been at your local dispensary, browsing online, or just simply looking to expand your knowledge of the available cannabis concentrates that populate retail and medical markets. Regardless of what has brought you here, there is always knowledge to be gained in the world of cannabis, and we’re here to help fill in some of the gaps you may have with live rosin, the top-shelf solventless concentrate that may grace the shelves of your favorite dispensary. 

Live rosin is top of the line for concentrates in all categories. The terpene content, fresh flavors, and higher levels of THC lead consumers back to this beautiful product time and time again. Let’s break down live rosin in more detail so you may be able to have a clearer picture of all its glory. 

What is Live Rosin?

Live rosin is a solventless cannabis concentrate that is made by pressing live bubble hash between heated plates and a few tons of pressure, give or take. It is different from normal rosin or hash in that the flowers are frozen fresh, preserving the flavor and potency of the cannabis flowers. This extra step leads to one of the best, if not the best, available cannabis concentrate on the market. 

How is Live Rosin Made?

First, the high quality cannabis flowers are harvested and flash frozen fresh to preserve all their wonderful terpenes and cannabinoids. After the freezing process, the cannabis flowers are turned into bubble hash to make for a better viscosity and moisture content after pressing. Once the bubble hash processing is complete, the hash is placed in micron-graded filter bags and pressed to release the live rosin, a genuinely perfect finished product.

Can You Make Live Rosin at Home?

Given that live rosin has many steps, one of which involves deep freezing capabilities and another that requires the knowledge of how to make bubble hash, it would be extremely difficult to make live rosin at home without having everything you need and the knowledge necessary to complete the process. This would more than likely include growing your own cannabis plants to have access to freshly harvested plants to flash freeze.

Effects & Benefits of Live Rosin

Live rosin is sought after and known as the top-shelf cannabis concentrate for several reasons. You may be curious why it is priced on the high end, and these effects and benefits may help clear some of that confusion.  

Terpene Content

Due to the “live” nature of live rosin and the flash-frozen cannabis flowers that are used as the starting material for this beautiful cannabis concentrate, it has an extremely high terpene content mirroring the mouth-watering flavors of the flowers it came from. These terpenes pair together, creating wonderful flavor combinations and effects that consumers can experience. Since different terpene combinations can alter the effect of cannabis, live rosin is the perfect way to dial in your preferences and experience terpenes on a level that competes with the best. 


Another benefit and effect of live rosin consumption are the concentrated levels of THC, lending an immersive experience to a strain’s particular set of cannabinoids. While it may not be as high in THC as some solvent-based extraction methods, live rosin retains an impressive amount of cannabinoid content for consumers to enjoy getting lost or found in. 

Clean & Solventless

Live rosin, by nature, is a clean and solventless cannabis concentrate that provides those who consume it the peace of mind that there is nothing “extra” or unexpected residing in what they are ingesting or inhaling. The heat and pressure act almost like a juicer creating a process that naturally concentrates the terpenes and cannabinoids of a cannabis strain. Since no solvent is used, there’s no need to purge the product post-processing. As long as the cannabis and bubble hash is grown and made properly without harmful contaminants, live rosin consumers should be confident they are getting the best clean concentrate available. 

Best Ways to Smoke Live Rosin

The best way to smoke live rosin is by far dabbing it out of a quartz banger and dab rig. This method will ensure you get the most out of the concentrate’s flavor and potency. You could also look to electronic vaporization for its added benefits in the same regard. However, live rosin can also be mixed with joints or blunts, as well as placed on top of bowls to add something extra to your cannabis flower consumption. 

How to Store Live Rosin

Live rosin most definitely has a shelf life, and there are ways in which consumers can help to extend the freshness of their live concentrates. It is best to store live rosin in the freezer in an airtight container to prevent moisture from getting into the product. When removing from the freezer for consumption, make sure to allow the jars to come to room temperature before wiping the outside and removing the lids. This step will again help to prevent moisture from entering your live rosin. Lastly, it is best practice to replace your live rosin back in cold storage immediately after consumption, at the very least, kept in the fridge in between dabs. 

Is Live Rosin Worth It?

While live rosin is one of the pricier cannabis concentrates available on the market, it is not without good reason. Dabbing live rosin at low temperatures produces some of the most amazing flavors and effects a cannabis connoisseur can dream of experiencing. Anyone looking to experience cannabis like they never have before should look to live rosin for a truly mind-blowing encounter. 

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