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Bloom Surf: A Wavy Review 

Bloom Brand's vape pen, Bloom Surf is an incredibly smooth hit of high-quality cannabis. Learn more, read here for a full review.

Bloom’s Surf unique disposable vaporizer aims to bring a fresh option to the retail cannabis marketplace providing consumers with a truly seamless and quality experience in a discreet package filled with expertly extracted cannabis concentrate. This new line of disposables from Bloom will impress those who give it a go on their next cannabis purchase. 

Bloom Brand

Bloom Brand started with a passion for high-quality cannabis products. This love became a mission to create some of the most thoughtfully produced cannabis extracts in the game. Based out of Los Angeles, California, and established in 2014, Bloom has access to some of the best cannabis flowers in the country to produce their clean, potent, and terpy extract line. 

In 2015 Bloom Brand introduced their proprietary molecular distillation to the market, and they’ve been leveling up since, including a Cannabis Cup award for their Pineapple Express in 2018.

Bloom Surf Disposable Vape: The Review

Bloom’s Surf compiles a striking design and superior functionality, making it a favorite in the disposable category of cannabis concentrate vapes for us here at NeonJoint. 

The sleek design and minimalist aesthetic give the Surf its recognizable surfboard shape, allowing it to be easily slipped into a pocket for storage and pulled out again for discreet consumption. The white color makes the Surf easy to spot if dropped in a couch cushion or out and about on a hike in the dirt or grass. 

We liked the added convenience of not needing to charge the Surf throughout its lifespan. This feature allowed us to be confident that we would get a full-strength hit with each inhale as long as there was concentrate in the translucent chamber. 

Over here at NeonJoint, we’re always on the move, and it’s nice to be able to grab and go without having to worry if our favorite vape was charged or not. 

Another thing about Bloom’s Surf that is consistent with the rest of their products offered in their line is the quality of extracts that are used whether they be distillate or, in the Surf’s case, the coveted live resin. Here at NeonJoint, we’re suckers for a good pineapple strain; Pineapple Express, Pineapple Jack, or Bloom’s Golden Pineapple was our go-to. Its sweet tropical terpenes and uplifting high allowed us to go about our days with the competitive edge of cannabis.

In closing, the team here at NeonJoint highly recommends the Surf to anyone looking for a cannabis vape that offers wonderfully cultivated and crafted cannabis extracts. This .5 gram disposable is just too convenient and potent for us to pass on. We advise that you don’t cheat yourself out of an excellent cannabis concentrate vape and treat yourself to a Bloom Surf.

Bloom Product Line

Bloom currently offers three product lines of extracts for their customers to enjoy. They have another vaporization they coin as Vape X to pair with the Surf line of disposable vapes mentioned in this review and their live budder. With these three lines, the Bloom team has indeed been able to hone in on their products, yielding outstanding productions of cannabis extracts.

Live Budder

Bloom’s live budder is their answer for dabbers and those who prefer to consume their cannabis concentrates outside of using a vape pen. Frozen at sub-zero temperatures to preserve terpene content throughout the extraction process, Bloom ensures to select the best strains for their highly guarded and well-regulated methods. Then, using a gentle, solventless H20 extraction method that does not disturb or damage the live terpenes, they can preserve the majority of the original terpenes and monoterpenes, achieving top-notch flavors and effects. 

Vape X

Vape X is Bloom’s more traditional cannabis concentrate vape pen approach. Made out of glass and ceramic, their cartridges are designed for consistency in their airflow and function. Powered by a standard 510 threaded battery, these cartridges are super easy to charge on the go via USB.

Where To Buy

Shop Live Surf strains on Bloom Brand’s website.

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