Stiiizy Live Rosin Jam: A Drooling Review

Stiiizy Live Rosin Jam a premium solventless extracts are NeonJoint approved. Read here for a review of Stiiizy's extract line.

Solventless extracts have been making waves over the last few years, surging in popularity. Consumers of cannabis concentrate have begun to desire a cleaner and more premium extract for their consumption needs. Enter live rosin, a live plant extract involving a pressure and heat process that juices the cannabis flowers, yielding some of the most terpene-rich and solvent-free concentrates for consumers looking to take their dabs to the next level. Stiiizy’s line of live rosin jam accomplishes all of this and beyond. 

It has been quite some time since I have been surprised by a new product in the extract space, but this new line of live rosin coming from Stiiizy, one of the more prominent brands in the industry, is absolutely out of this world in flavor and potency. 

Stiiizy Solventless Extracts

Stiiizy has a wide range of products, including pods, flower, prerolls, edibles, and extracts. The solventless extracts that Stiiizy produces for their customers at a reasonable market price come in two offerings, a live rosin budder, and a live rosin jam. Both have their merits and can be enjoyed by anyone who looks to cannabis concentrates for their consumption needs. 

Stiiizy Live Rosin Badder

Stiiizy live rosin budder is a first press extract, meaning that the composition of the final product comes from cannabis flowers that have only been pressed once. This ensures the highest level of terpene and potency possible by avoiding extra heat that causes the degradation of the extracts’ overall quality with multiple presses. Using a combination of ice, water, and premium cannabis flowers, the extractors at Stiiizy carefully separate the trichomes from the buds. Once removed, they are dried, frozen, and sifted cold to remove any residual plant matter. After this process is complete, the separated live trichomes are pressed into Stiiizy’s wonderful solventless extract. 

Stiiizy Live Rosin Jam

Stiiizy’s live rosin jam is done similarly to the budder, with fresh frozen cannabis flower tops. This fine-tuned extraction process uses the top-quality genetics from growers to produce a clean and top-notch solventless cannabis extract. 

The live rosin jam is cured at the perfect temperature to reach its excellent consistency and terpy smell. Stiiizy is committed to producing the best of the best in their products, and this live rosin jam is no exception. They leave no stone unturned and no step not taken to ensure a quality extract. 

Stiiizy’s Jammin’: The Review

Here at NeonJoint we’ve enjoyed the entire extract line from Stiiizy. Their curated live resin and live resin diamonds are some of the best solvent-based extracts in their price ranges. We enjoy both the live rosin budder and the jam. However, after many experiences with each, we are here to tell you that their live rosin jam is out of this world. It is our favorite extract that Stiiizy produces, not only for its terpenes and potency but great price. 

Stiiizy avoids breaking their customer’s bank. They have established themselves as a company that provides high-quality cannabis products to their customers at an affordable price. 

Stiiizy Live Rosin Jam is a top 5 solventless extract for us at NeonJoint for several reasons. First and most importantly is how it dabs. This line from Stiiizy has high THC content across their current strain offerings, making the live rosin jam a potent option for those looking for the extra umph in their sessions. Low temp dabs reveal the terpene-rich cannabis strain’s flavor profile, leading the consumer to fight against drooling in their rig. 

We mean it; Stiiizy’s live rosin jam tastes so good it is, in fact, mouth-watering. It’s like eating a Starburst or some sour candy; the concentrated flavor and the cure Stiiizy does on this line of rosin jam is incredible. 

Another reason why at NeonJoint we’re such huge fans of their live rosin jam is their packaging. Easy open boxes reveal a nice-sized jar with a peel-to-remove seal under the lid. The seal does a great job of preventing the sauce of the jam from spilling into the lid’s threads, making it nearly impossible to get out. 

Little things that Stiiizy does like this have come to impress us. Just one small extra step to ensure customers aren’t getting any wasted product. They nicely display the strain information on the box, with some testing results, including the THC content. Stiiizy takes the time to provide a well thought and quality product to their customers, making it an easily recommended brand. Even more so, their live rosin jam is the best in class for its price range by far, even eclipsing Stiiizys own live rosin budder to a certain degree. 

Stiiizy’s Extract Line

Stiiizy has four products in their extract line that are priced well below their quality. Affordable for most people, the concentrates they produce are top-notch and dab well above their price point. Their potency, cleanliness, and flavor make it an easy choice for the dabbers here at NeonJoint. 

Curated Live Resin

Stiiizy harvests quality, whole plants and immediately flash freezes them to retain their freshness and terpene content before running them through the extraction process. 

Live Resin Diamonds

Stiiizy uses stains that are the best fit for making diamonds, which are then mixed with the wonderful terpene sauce. 

Live Rosin Badder

Frozen trichomes pressed at low temperatures to retain potency and terpene content makeup Stiiizy’s live rosin budder. 

Live Rosin Jam

NeonJoint’s favorite terpene-rich solventless extract that is perfectly cured to its potent and tasty jam-like consistency. 

Where to Shop

You can purchase Stiiizy Live Rosin Jam at most dispensaries or delivery services that carry name brands. Whether online or in the store, this wonderful extract is sure to impress. 

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