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Raw Garden: Clean Quality Concentrates


Raw Garden: Clean, High Standard, & Quality Concentrates

Raw Garden: Clean, High Standard, & Quality

Raw Garden is a company that does its duty to keep its customers in mind when extracting their clean cost-friendly cannabis concentrates. Here in California, it would be hard to find a better all-around product for the price. As a daily dabber, I can highly recommend all of this brand’s products to anyone looking for a top-quality product that is also nice to their wallet.

Right before I started this article I took a dab of their Orange Glue Live Sauce. Cannabis is a part of my process when writing. Raw Garden provides an excellent clean product for my creative inspiration. All of their products are made with “no trim & are additive-free”. Every concentrate of there is 100% cannabis terpenes and no artificial flavoring or additives to change the viscosity of the concentrate.

Who is Raw Garden?

Raw Garden is centered around creating clean “raw” and additive-free cannabis products. This means that they use their own seeds to grow the cannabis they use in their products. They only select the best plants with the healthiest buds to put through their unique extraction process.

Raw Garden uses a cryogenic freezing process that locks in the entire essence of the plant before it can dry out and lose terpenes. This process allows for the preservation of the flavor throughout the extraction process.

Where Do They Grow Their Cannabis?

Their product line starts on cannabis farms located in the valleys of California’s Central Coast. The climate, soil, and growing methods allow for Raw Garden to create a product from “farm to table” or quartz banger. Growing and extracting the product themselves not only allows for their excellent quality control to be present across all facets of production but lets consumers purchase their products at a more affordable price when compared to other cannabis concentrates of the same quality and potency.

The Team Behind Raw Garden

John De Friel, the current CEO of Raw Garden, takes an intimate interest in the direct production of their product. His hands-on cannabis & agricultural growing experience adds that extra oomph to bring this brand to the top of their game.

Raw Garden’s Extraction Process

The brand’s unique extraction process is what makes Raw Garden products so great. However, this is why they keep most of the details on their process under lock and key. Although, they do tell consumers that their cannabis flowers used in the extraction process are frozen fresh in a cryogenic process that locks in the quality and flavor of the cannabis plant before it can dry up. Raw Garden also uses it owns seeds to grow its own cannabis to use in this process allowing for consistent in-house quality control. No additives and no trim are part of the Raw Garden secret sauce. Through this process and the quality of the flowers, Raw Garden yield top-notch live resin and refined live resins for their customers to enjoy.

Raw Garden’s Product Line

What can we say except the product line is a dream for every cannabis concentrate consumer! This line of products is sure to cover the needs of any cannabis concentrate consumer.

Refined Live Resin™ Diamonds

Refined Live Resin™ THC Cartridge

Refined Live Resin™ +CBD

Live Sauce

Live Resin

Refined Live Resin™ PAX Era Pod

Raw Garden Quality

The quality that Raw Garden’s products exude is the reason why they are doing so well in the cannabis industry. They offer clean concentrates that do not have any additives. These concentrates have a high terpene content due to the care that Raw Garden takes from seed to jar. The products that Raw Garden puts out are not accidents. They are consistently putting out strains that are enjoyable to most consumers. Anytime I see a Raw Garden strain with Leeroy attached to the strain I buy it. Not because the name is funny, but because I know it’s going to be fire every single time. Across the board, Raw Garden strains are consistently great. This level of quality control puts Raw Garden up there with other cannabis greats sold at a price in a league of their own.

Where can you find Raw Garden Products?

Another great aspect of Raw Garden products is their availability. Raw Garden can be found in dispensaries all over the state of California. From San Diego to Redding you can find unbeatable quality at a price point most everyone can afford. For less than the cost of most 8ths of flower in a dispensary, you can enjoy the concentrated effects and flavors of some of the best strains the cannabis industry has to offer. Whether you want it delivered or you like to go in and see what walk-ins have to offer you can find Raw Garden. This ease of access only strengthens the consistency consumers can find from Raw Garden as a company and product line.

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