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Punch Edibles: Know Your Products & Dose

Punch Edibles is one of California’s leading THC edible companies, providing properly dosed and tasty cannabis treats.

When it comes to cannabis edibles, it’s easy to either take way too many, leaving you feeling panicked and too stoned. Eat too little, and you feel like you have wasted the product you bought. One THC edibles company has perfected the way to take your edibles, perfectly dosed every time. Punch Edibles isn’t a new name in the California cannabis market. But, with the launch of their new product line – THC-infused Malt Balls – and the recent launch of Punch Edibles throughout Oklahoma, Punch is coming into 2021 swinging!

Who is Punch Edibles

Punch Edibles came together in 2013 on the idea of providing a sensibly sized, high-dose edible. Medicinal Cannabis Patients could now enjoy their medicine with great flavor, minimal calories, and sugar, all in a consistent and safe way. 

The three founders, all under 35-years-old are constantly striving to produce unique, good tasting, and high-quality products. These visionaries provide customers across California with the go-to cannabis edible products. Despite business being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, cannabis has remained essential as consumers stock up on their weed goodie, which meant business was booming for Punch Edibles in 2020.

Know Your Dose

Sensible Size. High Dose. Punch Edibles cannabis-infused chocolates and fruit snacks contain nine servings per package and include 90 milligrams total of THC or CBD. 

Edibles can be really tough to dose right.. a lot of companies are giving you bigger types of edibles, including but not limited to gummies, rice crispy treats, and even chocolates, and sometimes there is no way to measure how to dose out each serving, potentially leaving you too high, or not high enough. That is what is best about Punch Edibles dosing – it’s easy to know how much is being consumed.

Original PunchBar

Classic Punch Bar

The Original Punch Bar’s are what put Punch Edibles on the map. In addition to the 10 original Punch Bar chocolate flavors, Punch Edibles also offers sugar-free, cream, and combo chocolate lines. 

Punch Edibles Bars are perforated into nine chocolate squares (nine doses) that averages out to 10mg per dose. Only 39 calories & 4g of sugar per serving, this is one of the healthiest cannabis edible treats on the market.

Fruit Snacks

Punch Edibles Fruit Snacks

After the wild success of the various Punch Bar lines, Punch Edibles turned next to crafting the industry’s greatest cannabis-infused fruit snacks.

The Punch Fruit Snacks come in a mixed flavor assortment of Pomegranate, Pineapple, & Burberry. The team worked with a food scientist, exclusively for Punch, to help build out these flavors. Cube Shaped, Punch Fruit Snacks pack fruity flavor and cannabinoids into perfect treats and are dosed with 90 mg of THC. 

Wanting to stay true to giving the people by giving them a low-sugar, but a delicious treat, Punch fruit snacks are made with real fruit juice and only 45 calories per serving. Stack them into a pyramid, have fun with the jelly candy treat. But don’t eat them all at once!

New Innovative Products

Trailblazing is natural for the team at Punch Edibles. Perfecting the Cannabis Chocolate Edible, Punch wanted to challenge themselves even more by launching a foray of other product lines, including their 5 different cookie delight product(s). This is a combo of a PunchBar on top of a homemade cookie. Punch edibles is taking it one step further, by ramping up their solventless rosin lines (Punch Edibles & Extracts) and officially introduced their next cannabis edible – Malt Balls Baby!

Punch Extracts

Punch Extracts Live Resin

Punch Extracts Live Rosin is the most premium concentrate you can find on the market. Utilizing a solventless extraction process, Punch Extracts really packs a punch when you dab this tasty rosin. The quality right off the bat from this “edible company” completely surprised me, they truly put in the research, time, and money behind launching a high-quality product.

THC-Infused Malt Balls Just Launched

Punch Edibles THC-Infused Malt Balls

Malt Balls are an old-school classic & Punch has just rocketed them into the modern age. Each tube package is filled with nine malt balls dosed at about 10mg of cannabis each. This proper dosage allows you to truly determine what kind of cannabis high you are looking for. These Malt Balls come in five different flavors; Cookies & Cream, Milk Chocolate, Strawberry White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Mocha, & Peanut Butter.

What Happened When We Tried Punch Edibles?

We got punched in the face! HARD! 

These edibles are 90mg of THC packed into a small and delicious package. The classic PunchBar offered by Punch Edibles is a great choice for someone who loves different flavors of chocolates. 

There are so many different wonderful-sounding flavors that it makes for a tough decision when just getting one. The experience felt when consuming the PunchBar is strong, especially depending on how much you eat. 

For testing purposes, we ate the whole bar and can conclude that these edibles pack a heavy punch. While it isn’t recommended for everyone to eat a whole 90mg edible, Punch makes it easy with perforated squares to get the proper dosage for a more tame experience. 

Overall anyone who tries these edibles should expect to get their money’s worth. The variety of flavors offered all pack in 90mgs of THC in the PunchBars. Consumers can be confident knowing that the team at Punch Edibles isn’t skimping on the THC in their products. Eating any one of Punch Edibles products is sure to leave you happy and content. 

Punch ensures that every one of its products meets a high standard sure to please the most seasoned of cannabis consumers. Don’t sleep on these tasty treats that are sure to knock you out with one punch!

Expanding Regions & States

2021 has ushered in a new wave of legalized recreational cannabis. Arizona and New Jersey are just two examples of newly legalized states preparing to unleash their homegrown cannabis industries. 

Punch Edibles has taken their first leap into a new market, the team will be launching their brand in the newly legalized state of Oklahoma. Oklahoma is surprisingly at the forefront of free trade and being open about its cannabis industry. 

Where to Find Punch

Find Punch Edible products near you. Punch is often found in most California dispensaries and several delivery service partners. You can also find Punch Edibles in several locations in Oklahoma!

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