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Pabst Labs: A Different Kind of Buzz 

America’s favorite beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon, is not bringing you a different kind of buzz and is bringing you cannabis seltzer from Pabst Labs.

America’s favorite beer, Pabst Blue Ribbon, has taken the world by storm and graced the hands of the most eclectic mix of beer-crushers ranging from punk rocking mosh pitters, to festival frequenting new age hippies, to the massive army of millennial hipsters. Everyone loves the traditional Pabst lager. As a brand, PBR blends classic tradition with current lifestyle trends making them relevant and cool without even trying. They’ve built a massive cult following and have become a household name — the infamous blue ribbon logo is one of the most recognizable sigels for party goers and bar flies worldwide.  


Pabst Blue Ribbon was founded in 1844 and has spent the last century and a half perfecting their product and growing their following. You don’t become America’s favorite beer overnight and their history has allowed them to marinate with American culture. PBR is as red white and blue as baseball and apple pie. 

Pabst has dominated the middle ground between pretentious and basic, carving out a niche in the beer scene that cannot be rivaled. They are the perfect mix of age old tradition and contemporary culture and fit in with all types of lifestyles appealing to eccentric artists and blue-collar workers alike. There’s no one demographic for the iconic PBR brand, which truly sets them apart from other brands. 

Pabst Labs

Going Green

As cannabis became more mainstream, an entrance into the weed industry for the notorious brand was inevitable. PBR had to get in on the green rush, and they did so in epic PBR style releasing a line of truly spectacular High Seltzers through their newest venture Pabst Labs

The Pabst Labs High Seltzers are the perfect blend of real juice and California cannabis and showcase 4 delicious flavors — Lemon, Mango Blood Orange , Strawberry Kiwi, and Passionfruit Pineapple — all so good it’s impossible to pick a favorite. These beverages contain 10mg of THC, the perfect dose for a social situation type high, just enough to catch a buzz but not too much to lay you out. Depending on your tolerance, you can easily sip throughout the day or night and maintain the perfect level of highness. 

Staying true to their PBR roots, these beverages can be enjoyed by everyone. Whether you’re a veteran stoner or someone who sporadically consumes cannabis, these drinks are for you. The flavor is refreshing and delicious, not overbearingly sweet, and completely devoid of that nasty weed flavor you get with some edibles. The 10mg dose is perfectly manageable allowing you to monitor your buzz and ingest more accordingly. They also feature a signature emulsion technology that allows quick absorption into your system, much faster than standard edibles, making it exceptionally easy to gauge your high. 

Pabst Labs

For Every Occasion 

The best part about the Pabst Labs High Seltzers is that there is no one way to best enjoy them. They are a great fit for every occasion. After a long day of work, crack a can to help you unwind. If you’re pregaming, pop one open to help you get the party started. Grab a party pack and throw them in the ice chest at your next backyard gathering. 

They’re great for beach days or poolside hangouts. They’re great for enjoying a live music experience or to get you loose and giggly before a comedy show. They’re perfect for on-the-go for a day out traversing the city. No matter the activity, these seltzers will have you feeling wavy and make whatever you’re doing a bit more fun. 

Available for delivery in California!

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