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The Dollar E-Juice Club: Best E-Juice Sample Program in the Industry

The Dollar E-Juice Club is bringing low costs and high quality to the E-liquid vape market. Read to learn more.

When it comes to vaping, many people are looking for cheap options. But when it comes to your health and what you are inhaling, everybody should also be looking for the highest quality options. We’ve found you don’t have to compromise on quality to get the best price. We also found that it can be super cheap to try a bunch of different flavors to find the best ones—when you shop with The Dollar E-Juice Club.

This profile highlights the best all-in-one vape program in the industry, and our experience trying the various products from DJC.

Who is The Dollar E-Juice Club?

The Dollar E-Juice Club prides itself on being the web’s best-priced option on all E-liquids, vape juices, and disposable nicotine vapes. With a vast library of colorful flavor combos, it is easy to see why The Dollar E-Juice Club is the number one choice for all vapers. 

Company Ethos/Mission

TRY IT. LOVE IT. BUY IT” is the mantra for the DJC team. 

Bringing a vast amount of flavors to the people and letting them try first before buying is simply unheard of in the vaping industry. 

Vape Sample Program

Users who browse the site have the option of building out a “sample box” of up to 5 flavors to try out before committing to a larger nicotine juice bottle size. With flavors like “blue cotton candy”, “Banana Pudding”, & ‘Grape Menthol”, it is easy to see why you would want to try them all! All of the 5ml sample bottles are designed and manufactured in-house! The Dollar E-Juice Club prides itself on never using third-party products. 

The Dollar E-Juice Club will let you try up to 5 samples (in one shipment) of any flavor you want! Free samples are virtually unheard of in the vaping world. 

On top of that, when ordering samples, the price averages out to be $0.99 cents per flavor (aka why they are the “dollar” E-Juice Club)

Too many times people have ordered a full bottle flavor they haven’t enjoyed having it sitting on their shelf. The sample bottles are definitely the way to go to make sure you enjoy the vape juice you truly want. 

What Products Does The Dollar E-Juice Club Sell?

The Dollar E-Juice Club is the premiere all-in-one online shop for vapers. 

They offer everything you would ever need for vaping: E-Juices, Salt Nic, Disposable Vapes, Menthol Flavors, Hardware, Apparel, and Vaping Accessories. 


The Dollar E-Juice Club juices are made only with the top premium quality ingredients available on the market. Every product is manufactured in an ISO 7 certified cleanroom and perfected to the highest standard to make sure you get the best e-liquid at the absolute best cost. All of the flavors you can find on the website are made in-house and all are available to sample. 

Money Bars

Money Bars are The Dollar E-Juice Club’s answer to disposable vape products. These Vapes are not intended to be recharged or reused in any way. They come fully loaded with the flavor of your choosing. Each Money Bar Disposable Vaporizer features approximately 300 puffs & accommodates 1.3mL of Synthetic Salt Nicotine E-Liquid with a nicotine level of 50mg (5.0%).

Vape Accessories

The Dollar E-Juice Club has created a sub-ohm tank to ensure their vape juice is properly stored and inhaled safely. The tank is constructed with 316 surgical grade stainless steel, 510 Delrin drip tip, an interchangeable airflow adjustable ring, and an easy-to-use top-fill tank system.

What Special Ingredients are Used to Craft The Dollar E-Juice Club Products?

The E-Vape Juices are all made with USP Vegetable Glycerin, USP Propylene Glycol, Synthetic Nicotine, and Natural and Artificial Flavoring.

Our Favorite E-Juice Flavors

The Neon Joint Team, while normally cannabis smokers, decided to give the Dollar E-Juice a try to see if their flavors lived up to the hype. 

Blue Raspberry Sour Belt

First, it’s sour…then it’s sweet. The Blue Raspberry Sour Belt hits all the flavor notes you would expect. A tasty sour treat for when you’re craving that candy flavor. 

“Very good blue raspberry sour belt with a smooth menthol taste. This is the only juice company I do business with. I’m Very satisfied.” – Michael

“I love the smooth inhale of Blue raspberry sour belts and the exhale of the minty belt! Best I have had! It’s a must-have in your monthly purchase” –  Alisha

Cotton Candy

The Cotton Candy juice came swinging out of the vape. A very strong sugar flavor for sure. I tasted the hints of cotton candy. 

“I absolutely love this flavor of cotton candy, Its Sweet and tastes exactly as described in the description.” – Katie

“This is the favorite flavor that got me hooked. Cotton candy perfection 👌” – Leyla


The Dollar E-Juice Club has done a fine job of infusing this juice with a really authentic mint flavor. 

“Just like winter-fresh gum, nice and clean minty taste” – Alejandro

“Love this, it’s so clean and fresh. Very smooth inhale and exhale. It’s like chewing on spearmint gum will be ordering more.” – Sarah

Honey Milk

This creamy flavored juice was delicious to inhale. It was a smooth hit with hints of cream & sweet honey.

“This honey milk flavor and tasty and smooth and has been a go-to juice for me most times I order. For anyone who may be on the fence about dessert flavors or someone who already enjoys this kind of flavors, this is a must purchase” – Jordan

“Great flavor and satisfying vape. I use it alone, or added to cereal milk for a great all-day vape.” – Steve

Apple-Kiwi Melon

Fruity & flavorful, the Apple-Kiwi-Melon offered a refreshing hit after so many surgery flavors we tried. Hints of Melon and apple swirled together, while the kiwi sugar notes hit after a big puff.

“Good profile of flavors. This is one of my favorites. The menthol flavor pulls it all together and smooths the flavor profile out. Definitely, one of my go-to flavors for the future.” – Tasha

“Best all-day vape. This apple kiwi melon explosion will change your perception of reality. I used to think the Earth was flat but now that I vape this delectable juice I understand the error of my ways. This juice helped me understand that the Earth is actually a sphere. 5/5” – Vape God

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