Water pills for drug tests

Do Water Pills Work to Pass a Drug Test

Do water pills work to pass a drug test or is this just another weed detoxing myth? Read here to learn.

If you’re in dire need of a solution to pass a drug test, anything seems worth a shot. But you don’t want to give yourself a false sense of security by depending on at-home remedies with no real evidence of helping you detox. Can you use water pills for drug test preparation, or are they just another rumored remedy with no scientific backing?

To answer that question, we’ll first need to break down what water pills are and what they do inside your body.

Water Pills Overview

Water pills are a medication that removes excess fluid from your body. They can be found in capsules or pressed pills and sometimes with herbal options. 

Low-grade water pills can be purchased from the vitamin and supplement section of drug stores, where they’re marketed to relieve pain and bloating, but they’ve also been used as a way to lose weight. 

Water pills are not just an over-the-counter regimen for basic ailments, though. Medical professionals often prescribe diuretics to treat a variety of conditions, some even life-threatening. 

Lately, it’s become popular to use water pills for drug test preparation. 

Water Pills and the Body

Water pills are diuretic medication, meaning they pull excess sodium and fluids from your body to be flushed out as waste. This medication prompts your kidneys to release sodium which removes excess water from your bloodstream, allowing them to treat high blood pressure, fluid in the lungs, and other respiratory issues. 

Diuretics help with a variety of health problems outside of the respiratory system. They can assist kidney and liver function, treat glaucoma, and alleviate excessive swelling anywhere in the body. 

If you start taking diuretics, you may experience excessive thirst, dry eyes, etc., as they can’t differentiate between types of fluids. 

When usingin water pills, be prepared for frequent bathroom trips.

Will Water Pills Detox Weed?

We know that anything increasing the removal of waste from your body will be helpful during a detox. With water pills doing just that, they have gained popularity as a potential detox product. But does the logic behind this checkout, or are water pills just one of many detox gimmicks online?

Detox Organs

Water pills help two of the most important detox organs, the liver, and kidneys, by increasing the turnover of substances (especially toxins) that pass through them. 

Removing Fluids

With water pills increasing fluids for urination, they not only push toxins out at a higher rate but dilute the urine you’re producing as well. This is most beneficial if you’re taking a urine drug test. 

How Much Can Water Pills Do?

The discussed factors allow water pills to be quite helpful during a THC detox, but do water pills work for drug tests? Not entirely. Like many detox home remedies, water pills can not support your detox on their own; they can only help your cleansing process.

Dangers of Taking Water Pills for a Drug Test

Unfortunately, a false sense of security is just one danger of using water pills to detox; if you’re detoxing for an upcoming drug test, water pills can do more harm than good. With how much they dilute your urine, your test may show that your urine is abnormal and cause inconclusive results, or worse, indicate that your urine has been tampered with. 

If you do take water pills to help your detox, we suggest taking a creatine supplement, vitamin B2, and drinking electrolyte beverages to keep your urine within a normal appearance.

Final Thoughts 

Using water pills for a drug test or to do THC detox isn’t entirely unfounded, but it may be exaggerated. 

Water pills help your detox organs flush out toxins by making fluids move through them at a higher rate. They can also dilute your urine sample by increasing the amount of fluid present; in the case of a urine drug test, this may cause inconclusive testing. 

However, water pills alone will not completely detox your body, and taking them before a drug test could have adverse effects if you aren’t careful. 

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