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An eclectic path has lead me to being the Executive Assistant at 420 Interactive and CBD content creator for Neon Joint. After receiving my BA in English from Utah Valley State University, I worked as an Executive Assistant to a financial planner at Edward Jones Investments managing an office of over 13 million in assets. I left the financial industry to pursue my master’s degree and graduated with my M.Ed. with honors from Northern Arizona University in 2006. Following graduation, I spent a number of years in an education career. I taught high school Humanities, as well as, tutored students in English at the collegiate level, including at Arizona State University. During this time, I also worked as a grant writer. I obtained my grant writer certification from the American Grant Writers’ Association. I interned with an ASU professor and was an integral part of getting a STEM grant approved by the Obama 10K in 10 Initiative. In 2015, my move from Arizona to California spurred a move in careers and I began coordinating art events for Hyatt’s San Diego Andaz hotel. While at Hyatt I completed their 18-week intensive management-training course. Upon finishing the course I wanted to put my training to use so I entered the real estate market working as the COO of the California Home Company. Here I managed an office of 12 employees while obtaining my real estate license. When the company restructured, I took the opportunity to go on sabbatical. I excitedly returned from abroad to join the 420 Interactive team and assist with the High Times Regulation A+ IPO launch. Traveling is one of my passions. I consider my excursions across 32 different countries to be some of my greatest accomplishments. In my heart, I am an artist and relish in creating mixed media art pieces and writing poetry. I am an advocate for the legalization of marijuana and enjoy being apart of a company that is actively part of the cannabis movement. Read my story "Do Your Parents Believe in Reefer Madness" to see how I told my conservative family about my work in cannabis.

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